Sylke Riester, Managing Director for Europe, Rosetta Stone

Sylke Riester is Managing Director for Europe at leading language-learning software company Rosetta Stone. Sylke, can you tell us a bit about your background before joining Rosetta Stone? Before joining Rosetta Stone in 2009 I worked in telecommunications – so you could say I am very enthusiastic about getting people talking. I worked for a … Read more

Robin Pascoe, Expat Expert

Robin, can you tell us a bit about your background? My husband used to be as Canadian foreign service officer (he’s been in the private sector now for many years with his own global company) but during his time as a diplomat we were posted four times to Asia. As a journalist of more than … Read more

Jo Parfitt – expat writer, mentor and publisher

Jo, can you tell us a bit about your background? I have lived abroad since 1987, moving from my home in the UK to Dubai, Oman, Norway, back to England for a while and now to the Netherlands. I have created, maintained a career based on my love of writing throughout this time. I have … Read more

David Mundstock, Intrepid Berkeley Explorer

David Mundstock (username "IntrepBerkExplorer") is a regular contributor to the Expat Focus forums where he keeps us up to date with his latest adventures around the world. In this interview we get to know David a little better and discover what inspired him not only to travel but also to document his experiences for others. … Read more

Andrea Martins,

Expat Focus: Andrea, can you tell us a bit about your background and what prompted you to start Andrea Martins: I started working on with my American friend Jill LengrĂ© when we were both living in Mexico City three years ago. Jill and I had a combined 20 years of experience abroad and … Read more