Angie O’Brien, Co Founder of PetRelocation

Angie, what inspired you and your husband to set up PetRelocation? My husband Kevin and I moved to Austin from San Francisco back in 2000, and after starting a small pet taxiing business I saw the potential for incredible growth in the pet industry. Having relocated with my own dog and cat and realizing how … Read more

An Expat’s View Of Kiev

by Petryk Vera It is truly magical how Kiev combines everything together. Having 1500 years of history, the city is a beautiful architectural place, at the same time, Ukrainian capital is a fast developing mega polis that surprises its visitors with bright nightlife and wild entertainment. Unfortunately, Kyiv is a slightly new spot on a … Read more

Top Tips and Checklists for Moving Abroad

International moves require a lot of preparation and planning so using a checklist can be a good way to keep everyone involved up to date with what has been done and what hasn’t. It can also help keep you sane when all around seems like pandemonium! Begin your planning early Moving home isn’t something you … Read more

The Emotional Aspects Of The Life Of An Expat

by Xenia Kisantal The decision of moving to a foreign country is one of a kind. It not only requires planning but also a personality that is capable of conquering anything, as anything sometimes means living on the street, being lonely, and only having oneself to rely upon. This may sound scary, but if handled … Read more

The Other Side Of The Street In Granada, Nicaragua

by Paul Schlindwein Nicaragua is witnessing an economic recovery in a large part due to increased tourism. Granada, located on the northern shore of Lake Nicaragua, is at the center of that revival. Founded in 1524, Granada is recognized as the oldest European city in the Americas. It boast the best example of preserved Spanish … Read more

Reasons Why People Choose To Move Overseas

Courtesy of Robinsons Removals There are many reasons why people to sell their home, pack their belongings and move abroad. Some people opt to start a fresh slate in a brand new country, for others there is no choice in the matter and they need to relocate for business purposes. Whatever your reason is for … Read more

Riding the Chicken Bus in Nicaragua

I had to go back to Granada this week to take care of some unfinished business. Getting there from San Juan Del Sur is an adventure in itself. There are only two options: hire a car for us$50 or take the Chicken Bus for us$2. Given that I’m on a strict budget at this time, … Read more

10 Things You Should Consider When Shipping Abroad

Whether you are moving abroad or just shipping something to a family member, sending packages abroad can be a confusing process. From knowing how to pack a box to figuring out how to label it, shipping a package takes more work than just shipping it across town. Consider these tips first and you will have … Read more

A Call From France

The following is an extract from Catherine Broughton’s latest book, “A Call From France”, available from Amazon and most leading book stores. Chapter One. Debbie left her handbag on the table. This was deliberate. Grand’mere sat in front of the fan, in her usual place by the kitchen window where she could watch the Paris … Read more