Expat Focus International Healthcare Update July 2021

Petition calls for greater travel freedom for vaccinated Brits in Spain A recent petition has called for the end of quarantine for fully vaccinated Brits travelling between Spain and the UK. The petition, set up by Ashley Bowman, notes that countries on the red or amber travel list have large expat British populations and says … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update June 2021

Last month’s top story relating to healthcare and expats is still this month’s top story, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to pursue its roller-coaster course around the globe. In this month’s round-up, we take a look at vaccination news, corruption in accessing healthcare services across the EU, and the latest lockdown measures in the UK. … Read more

What Does The NHS Data Sharing Scheme Mean For Expats?

You may be aware that the press in the UK has begun to run articles about ‘opting out’ of various data sharing programmes run by the NHS. As an expat, you are likely to have private health insurance, but you may also be registered with your local GP practice if, for instance, you have a … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update May 2021

The UK is on the point of opening up again for foreign travel after the latest lockdown, with 17th May being the due date on the government’s road map for a number of sectors. The UK authorities have been drawing up a green list of countries to which British citizens may travel, and you can … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update April 2021

Healthcare news across the world has been focused on Covid-19, but at this stage of the pandemic, reports have been more in relation to vaccination rollout programmes than the progress of the disease itself – and that’s good news. We’ll take a look below at what this, and other healthcare news, might mean for you … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update March 2021

Covid-19 obviously continues to dominate the international health news and is likely to do so for some time to come. We’ll take a look at some of the implications for expats below.   Spanish vaccination rollout As we’ve reported elsewhere, if you are an expat resident in Spain, you will be eligible for the Covid-19 … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update February 2021

Healthcare news for expats is still dominated by one issue, and we don’t need to tell you what that is. UK travel regulations have changed in January and February, and we take a look at this below, as well as a couple of other health-related issues.   UK gets tough on border control The UK … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update January 2021

Health matters are still on everyone’s minds at the start of 2021. The UK has again been plunged into a tight lockdown across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and travel arrangements, along with many other aspects of everyday life, have been severely affected. The end of the Brexit transition period has also had an … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update December 2020

Covid-19 vaccine comes to the UK The big healthcare news in early December is that the UK has been the first to greenlight the Covid-19 vaccine. The Pfizer vaccination programme has already begun across the UK, with NHS workers and the elderly being first in line for the new jab. If you are a British … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update November 2020

Developments in the Covid-19 vaccine As you may be aware, there have been significant developments with regard to Covid-19 vaccines this month. Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and Oxford University all seem confident that their vaccines will help against the virus, which for almost a year has plagued countries around the world. How these vaccines are rolled out … Read more