Expat Focus International Healthcare Update June 2020

Money International reports this month that it has compiled some statistics on the likelihood of male expats to return home, if possible, in the event of a health crisis such as Covid. The pandemic has caused a number of expats to rethink their choice of location, given not only the sudden difficulties of travel, but … Read more

How To Look After Your Mental Health During Covid-19

2020’s pandemic has swept into all of our lives, impacting homes and economies alike. While we are all focused on keeping physically healthy, a silent mental health crisis is developing. Events like this have the function of a reset button. They put everything on pause, slow life down and force systems to rebuild from scratch. … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update May 2020

Covid 19 continues to have a dubious pride of place in the international news when it comes to healthcare, but has anything else been happening on this front that expats should know about? Thai health insurance concerns continue We have reported before on the ongoing situation regarding Thai health insurance for expats, and further confusion … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update April 2020

There’s only really one topic of conversation about health matters at the moment and we all know what it is: Covid 19. We will take a look below at some of the concerns that might be affecting you this month. Accessing digital services Whichever country you are currently resident in, you will probably be aware … Read more

Coronavirus Information For Expats

If you are looking for up-to-date, factual advice and statistics about the covid-19 outbreak, the best sources are: • The World Health Organization's dedicated coronavirus page • Johns Hopkins University's Coronavirus Resource Center • The Centers for Disease Control and PreventionFor advice and updates specific to individual countries, please check the list below. Where available, … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update March 2020

Health around the world has been dominated this month by the outbreak of Covid-19, which is taking up most of the healthcare bandwidth in the news at the moment. It is advisable to check out your host nation’s government website with regard to Covid-19, as protocols vary on a country-by-country basis and are changing day … Read more

What Expats Need To Know About The Coronavirus

The news in recent weeks has been dominated by Covid 19, a strain of coronavirus first noticed in Wuhan, China. At the time of writing, according to Johns Hopkins University, there are over 219,000 confirmed cases of the illness across the world, with nearly 9,000 deaths and over 84,000 recoveries.It is hard, however, to know … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update February 2020

A primary concern for Britons living in the EU with regard to healthcare is, of course, Brexit. The UK has now officially left the EU, at the end of January 2020, and the country is now in a transition period until the end of the year. British citizens in Europe are rightly concerned about their … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update January 2020

Healthcare and Brexit The big question on many expats’ minds if they are currently resident in the EU is, of course, Brexit. The UK is due to leave the EU on January 31st, but up to now there has been worrying speculation regarding the rights of expat Britons in Europe.The UK government has recently issued … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update December 2019

Election result in the UK sees Conservatives returned with a majority The main news for British expats is, of course, the results of the recent general election on Thursday 12th December. This has seen the Conservative party returned with a substantial majority and as a result, Brexit will now be going ahead as originally planned … Read more