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Hong Kong - Parking

Due to the heavy traffic and congestion, parking in Hong Kong can be an issue, especially on Hong Kong Island. There are around 18,000 on-street parking spaces in Hong Kong. In areas that get a lot of traffic but have limited spaces, there are metered spots in order to discourage extended parking periods. The majority of these metered parking spaces are accessible from 8 am to midnight on weekdays, and from 10 am to 10 pm on Sundays and public holidays.

All of the metered parking spaces in Hong Kong are operated with Octopus parking meter cards. These cards use a touch-screen technology that is easy and convenient to use. Those who have e-Park cards may make refund applications at the different refund outlets. To use the Octopus card, you should select the parking bay and then the parking time. The Octopus card is then presented to the reader where the logo is displayed. Once the display reads “Transaction Completed” users will be able to see the remaining value of their card.

The cost of the metered spaces depends on the location of the parking space. In most cases, the charge is an hourly one, although it can be set in 30 minute increments, too.

Multiple story car parks are offered by the government throughout Hong Kong. In total, there are around 7,600 parking spots for motorcycles and private vehicles. Many of the car parking spaces are for public vehicle use while others are meant for private use in commercial and residential areas. There is also the Sheung Shui Park and Ride public car park which has 197 parking spaces. These provide concessionary spots for Park-and-Riders which encourages those using MTRC to visit urban areas.

Disabled parking spaces are available to those who have a special Disabled Permit. For more information on disabled parking, including the instructions on how to apply for the permit, visit the Transport Department’s page on those with disabilities at:

For more information on parking lots and meters, including a list of parking garages, visit:

Residential parking spaces can be very expensive. In some cases, purchasing the parking space can cost the same as a small house in some countries. In newer developments, you can generally count on there being parking spaces for sale. You might, however, need to get on a wait list. In older buildings and developments, there may or may not be any parking spaces available. This might mean that you have to park your car at a location that is not as convenient.

The cost of parking spaces in residential neighborhoods depends on the housing development. A luxurious, newly-built building with high housing prices will almost certainly have expensive parking spaces to go with them.

Parking spots are available for lease at shopping centers, public housing estates, HOS courts, and flatted factories of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA). Application forms can be picked up and filled out at the management offices of these establishments. You may also find out more information and download the forms at:

For general information about transportation in Hong Kong, visit:

Transport Department
Tel: (852) 2804 2600

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