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Kuwait - Retiring and Pensions

There are no programmes specifically to attract retired people to Kuwait. The country’s policy for allowing expats to live there is usually based solely on them having a firm job offer. It is possible for a person who has lived and worked there for many years to retire in Kuwait though, as long as they have a private pension or state pension from their country of origin and can prove that they will not attempt to live off the state in Kuwait.

The new regulations on buying property in Kuwait mean that an expat who has been resident in the country for a long time while working will be able to purchase an apartment to live in. It may be possible for a retired person who has their own income to obtain special permission from the Kuwaiti authorities to purchase property also, particularly if they have lived there for some time and are familiar with the country and its customs.

If you are entitled to a state pension from your country of origin you will need to check with your local pensions department to see if these monies can be transferred to you while you are living in Kuwait. Some countries will have an agreement with the Kuwaiti authorities that allows these transfers to take place quickly and easily. If they do not, you may have to have your pension paid into a bank account in your home country so that you can then make the transfer yourself. It is worth noting that banks will charge for such transfers so you will need to look into this in advance to work out the most cost effective method for you.

The same will apply to any private pension you have. Transfers may not be possible so you will have to find another method of retrieving your money. If you are working in Kuwait before retiring it is recommended that you continue to make contributions to any pension you have in your home country if it is possible.

Kuwait has a number of attractions for those who are retired. The lack of income tax means that you will receive more of your pension and will have more disposable income. There is also a relatively low cost of living, particularly when it comes to buying daily essentials such as groceries. The warmer climate of Kuwait also makes it an attractive destination for those who have had enough of cold, damp weather in their home country.

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