Strange Laws From Around The World That Expats Need To Know About

Moving to a new country can be a daunting prospect. Not only is there the logistical nightmare of packing and shipping your entire life around the world, but there is a whole new language and culture to get to grips with. A good phrasebook will teach you how to ask ‘where is the police station?’, … Read more

Legal Hurdles To Emigration, What Is Holding You Back?

The numbers may be falling, slightly, but hundreds of thousands of UK citizens decide to emigrate abroad each year, driven by the promise of better employment opportunities or lifestyles overseas. With the UK economy stuttering and a number of emerging economies booming the attraction to move abroad is probably as strong as it has ever … Read more

Taking Your Children Overseas After a Divorce

courtesy of UK law firm, Pannone Whether you started a family overseas and are looking to come home after a divorce or you’ve been divorced and are now looking to move abroad the laws surrounding your right to take your children with you can cause a lot of confusion. The laws from country to country … Read more

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