Sydney and London, more similar than you’d think?

If you stopped a few random residents in the street of either city to make that assertion, there’s a fair chance you’d be greeted with scepticism. If you’re a Londoner you’re probably already thinking, hang on — Sydney-siders live in a sunburnt city, but perversely your rainstorms produce biblical deluges. That it’s full of abrasive … Read more

Gibraltar: Post-Brexit Rules And Regulations For British Expats

If you’re planning a move to the territory of Gibraltar, you might be wondering whether any of the rules and regulations relating to residency, healthcare and other aspects of life on the Rock have changed since Britain left the EU. We will take a look below at any post-Brexit changes. Overall, your rights as a … Read more

How To Rent A Car As An Expat In 2021

Since a large number of people have not been travelling in 2020-21, the car rental industry has recently gone into meltdown, with sticker shock becoming rampant: in the USA some customers are being charged up to $700 a day for an average SUV. Forbes and other publications issued a heads-up on this back in the … Read more

Interview With David E Burke, Author, The Fiesta Murders

The Fiesta Murders is the latest novel by British author David E Burke. It’s the second book in his popular Menorca detective series about an English detective who retires to the Spanish island of Menorca for a quiet life in the sun, only to be pressed back into service to solve a series of baffling … Read more

Interview with Nicole Webb, Author, China Blonde

Nicole, tell us what made you first decide to become an expat. I met my husband James on a blind date. He was a hotelier, and I was a television newsreader. I can distinctly remember him saying on one of our early dates that, ‘in his career, they like you to continue progressing and that … Read more

How To Learn The Language In Italy

If you are going out to beautiful Italy in order to live and work, you may be asking how easily you will be able to communicate in English, or whether you will need to be fluent in Italian. We will answer some of these questions below.The official language of Italy is Italian. This is a … Read more

How To Learn The Language In Israel

If you are going to be living and working in Israel, and are a native English speaker who does not also speak Hebrew, you may be wondering how easy it will be to communicate with locals and your colleagues. Israel has a plethora of languages and a strong linguistic heritage, so we will look at … Read more

How To Learn The Language In Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country in which to live and work and if you are an English-speaking expat, you will have few difficulties communicating with local people, since Ireland is an English-speaking country. This will apply whether you are based in either Northern Ireland or Eire.The official language of Northern Ireland, which is still part … Read more

How To Learn The Language In Indonesia

Indonesia is home to many languages and if you are going to be living and working in the country as an expat, you may be asking yourself whether you will need to learn a local language, which one to learn, and whether you will be able to make yourself understood in English. We will look … Read more

How To Learn The Language In India

India is an ancient and very diverse country, both culturally and linguistically, and you will find that many languages are spoken here. If you are intending to live and work in India, you may be asking yourself how easily you will be able to communicate, particularly if you are a native English speaker. We will … Read more

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