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Malaysia - Heating and Air Conditioning

Setting up home is a straightforward action in Malaysia. Utility bills are always in the name of the owner, whether the owner lives in the property or not. Electricity is the main source for heating and cooking although gas is available and comes in bottles. Gas is rarely connected to the mains. The Malaysian state regulates all energy companies and this is under the Department of Electricity and Gas Supply Act. Rapid urbanization has resulted in large increases of energy consumption within Malaysia. Here, we look at heating and air conditioning.

Air Conditioning

One of the major appliances in most homes in Malaysia is an air conditioning unit. Due to the humidity in Malaysia, air conditioning is the process of regulating the air to more favourable conditions. The unit extracts warm air in and this is converted to cool air which is then transmitted into the room. Air conditioning units can be a stand-alone unit or a unit which is fitted on to the wall. More commonly in Malaysia, homes are built with air conditioning units as standard. Almost all modern apartment complexes are fitted with an air conditioning unit. In an unfurnished apartment for rental purposes, air conditioning can sometimes be listed on the inventory.

Air conditioning units have to be cleaned and serviced regularly just like any other appliance needs to be cared for. The units can be dust gatherers and if neglected, can deliver stale air into the home which can be damaging for those with chronic breathing conditions such as asthma. It’s advisable to have a professional company service and clean your air conditioning unit and air ducts used to deliver cooler air into your home or apartment.

Air conditioning units are powered by electricity which is used by all homes within Malaysia. Heating systems can either be gas or electricity, but mostly electricity. Gas is mains connected or bottled. Bottled is usually found in the more rural areas of the country.

Solar heating is becoming a more popular choice in Malaysia and the government has invested millions of dollars into transforming landfill sites to produce biomass and build wind farms as a way to converting energy for homes. There is currently a 21-year plan in place for renewable energy. Trannasional, Malaysia’s biggest energy supplier is now supplying renewable energy to many commercial companies. Residential homes and newly built homes within their own land are leaning towards solar panels for their homes to manage their heating and cooling units.

Heating in Malaysia

It can be hard to think of Malaysia and heating systems but all homes have them. In major cities where there are modern apartment complexes and buildings, all come with mainly electric heating systems. Usually controlled with a thermostat, heating systems can be under-floor particularly in modern homes. Electrical wall heaters are in some homes and again, this is controlled by a thermostat.

Another popular choice for developers is a combined heating and cooling system which is one unit that does both jobs. These units are controlled by a thermostat and it’s switched to heating when required or air conditioning if needed. These are highly sophisticated units and are incredibly quiet. Air ducts in the walls, floors and ceilings are fitted to extract stale air and bring in cleaner, fresher air. These heating and cooling units can be powered by electricity or gas. Inner cities will have electricity as the most common power supply for these units.

If you’re renting a property always ask about the heating and air conditioning units and how to work them. Check whose responsibility it is for the servicing of the unit, more than likely it will be the landlord’s responsibility.


Heating and air conditioning is big business in Malaysia and the manufacturing of air conditioning and heating units is a large section of the working population. With the increase in the renewable energy sector, more developments are using highly sophisticated heating and cooling systems. Warranties are available for residential customers and there are many air duct cleaning companies who offer regular service agreements for residential customers to purchase to ensure optimization of their units. If you’re building your own home, it is important that you use a registered installer.

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