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Malaysia - Parking

Understanding parking regulations in Malaysia will help you to avoid parking fines and damage to your car which could prove to be costly.

On - Street Parking

Firstly, where you see a circular sign with a white rim, an inner red rim, a blue background and a red diagonal line, this is a strict No Parking sign.

Rapid urbanization in Malaysia has caused somewhat of a crisis and in major cities parking is where many prangs and bumps happen. On-street parking meters are seen everywhere and you can pay as you go or buy vouchers from shops. You can apply for parking permits if you are a resident in areas of the city and these are purchased annually from local councils. Municipal car parks either have meters or have a manned booth where you pay a fee and a handwritten ticket is given to you to display on your windscreen.

Local councils offer parking permits to residents and parking permit holders are signposted in major cities in English. Here is where you would apply to Kuala Lumpur for a parking permit:

Documents required with your application are as follows:

- Car registration details
- Proof of ownership
- Proof of address
- Driving license
- Fee.

The permit can take anything up to a month to process.

Single and double yellow lines markings on roads indicate that parking is not permitted.

Off - street Parking

If you’re a regular city parker then it is worth locating a car parking company that offers an off-street service such as the following:

You can set up an account with a company and pay for your parking in advance online. You can also pay any parking tickets if you’re unlucky enough to get one. This by far is the best way to ensure you have access to parking and often these are in covered compounds which protects your car from the hazards of busy street parking.

Monthly tickets are available to purchase and arrangements such as these will give you a reserved parking spot 24-hours daily. There is no limit on how many times you leave the building or park. It is a monthly fee payable by debit or credit card.

Parking Offences

Parking enforcement is strict as in any major city where parking is a major issue. The cost of parking in cities is so reasonable compared to that of European cities that people do bring their cars into the city. If you park illegally, then a ticket will be applied to your windscreen which has to be paid to a Police Station. Clamping is in operation and if you find you’re clamped, charges have to be paid to the Police Station and the clamp is then released.

If you’re towed away and your car is impounded, the costs begin to hike up. There is the original fine to pay and you’ll have to pay for the towing costs and for the storage of your car. It is an expensive way of parking your car.

If parking fines go unpaid, as parking fines in Malaysia are attached to the car not the person, you will find that you’re unable to tax your car when it comes to renewal. The Road Transport Department has details of all illegal parking offences and efficient systems now in place will put a stop on your car tax renewal.

Disabled Parking and Permits

Designated disabled spots are available for disabled drivers who have a valid disabled permit. Be warned that these spots fill up quickly. Using a covered parking facility where you can apply to have your own parking space on a monthly basis and concessions are in place for disabled permit holders. Foreign disabled parking permits can only be used for applying for a disabled permit from your local council within the city district you reside.

Disabled parking facilities in major cities have increased over the years as pressure from disabled organizations has been felt. Parking in major cities is difficult at the best of times, using a covered compound with a parking bay on the ground floor to get into the heart of the city is the best way forward. The costs are reasonable and it is the safest option rather than battling it out on busy streets and roads.

Most shopping malls have designated parking bays for disabled drivers and passengers. The disabled parking bays are usually found on the ground floor and close to the entrance of the shopping mall.

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