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Malaysia - Veterinary Care

Veterinary Services are widely available in Malaysia and in major cities you will find one easily enough. It is worth asking other expats who have imported their pets and you will need to find an English-speaking service in order to care for your pet.

Standards of Veterinary Care

The standard of care for pets in Malaysia is high and all vets are required by law to be registered with the Malaysian Veterinary Council. Information on veterinary services can be provided by a number of bodies operating in Malaysia. - This website provides useful information on veterinary services throughout Malaysia.

Vets are subject to strict guidelines and strident criteria has to be met before permission to practice can be granted. Registration to practice is granted on an annual basis and while there is no national register for veterinary services there are a number of practicing guidelines and registration requirements in order to do so. The same applies to those in educational institutions that teach and lecture students who are studying to become a vet.

Applications can be rejected if any practicing veterinary surgeon is found guilty of any dishonesty offence and if they are at any point convicted of a criminal offence which results in a prison sentence. Professional misconduct of any kind can also result in a rejection by the Council.

On application to be granted a registration license, a person must provide verifiable certification that he or she is qualified to be a veterinary surgeon. For those who have trained overseas, a temporary permit may be granted while the checks are being carried out. This is a short term solution and restrictions will be placed on the temporary license such as unable to perform surgical procedures under anaesthetic and dispense medicine.

All registration certificates are to be displayed for public inspection and this is the right of the service-user before agreeing to any service provided by a veterinary surgery. The person will be registered to practice within that clinic and the clinic will be subject to its own inspection from the Council.

Veterinary care carried out at surgeries cover a number of areas. The general health of your pet, just like your own health, is your responsibility as the pet owner. Your local vet surgery can provide a wide range of advice and this is particularly important for your pet when you have first moved to the country. You can have your pet weighed usually free of charge and your vet can treat minor injuries usually in one appointment. Services are much cheaper in Malaysia than western vets, yet the service and standard is just as good.

Locum vets are used in Malaysia and these also must provide proof from the MVC that clears them to offer veterinary care to pets. Locums may cover a number of surgeries and are often used in emergencies. Most surgeries will provide an emergency contact number and this can often be another surgery in the locality. An affiliation between surgeries is common practice in Malaysia and ensures that pets have 24-hour care.

Surgeries where there is a locum attached must also be recognized by the MVC and have all the necessary documentation displayed in public for the user’s benefit and inspection. Never use a locum that is not attached to a surgery or doesn’t have the required documentation for inspection.

An Annual Practicing Certificate can be applied for by a foreigner and this certificate is approved under all employment law and immigration law within Malaysia.

All vets who have an APC are subject to the Continuing Professional Development issued by the MVC as of January 2013. Surgeons are required to provide evidence of regularly updating their skills and knowledge in the provision of veterinary medicine and surgery. This is awarded on a points basis and requires a certain number of hours in which the vet has spent on developing his/her skills and knowledge.

There is a Professional Code of Conduct that vets must adhere to and in the event of a customer complaint around any breaches of the PCC, investigations will be undertaken by the MVC.

Veterinary Practice in Malaysia is by no means shoddy and all of the details can be found on the Malaysian Veterinary Council website. You will also find other helpful details around veterinary services available throughout Malaysia.

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