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Malaysia - Water

Water supplies in Malaysia are overseen by local authorities. If you are a house owner renting out your property, you are able to keep the water bill in your own name and this is often the case with most landlords. A deposit can be asked for and you can factor the cost of the water into the monthly rent. If you are a tenant and your landlord requests that you open an account in your own name then the following website is where you will apply. English speaking representatives are available. The website is in English also.

Syabus is the main water supplier in Malaysian. The website has a number of forms to apply for a water supply account. The following details are required to action an account:

- Verifiable identification
- The owner’s permission in a signed letter
- Name and address
- A plan of the property which includes details of the outside area if the house is free-standing in its own grounds, such as a bungalow.


Water bills are reasonable in Malaysia. Bills are issued once a month and can be managed online. Paper bills can also be issued. Bills are printed in Malay and here are the key areas which you will need to familiarize yourself with:

- No Akaun – Account number
- Jumlah Keseluruhan Yang perlu Dibayer – Total amount payable for the month

Paying your water is easy and there are a number of options. Syabus has an office in most major cities and you can take your bill there and pay in cash. You can pay online, at major ATM machines where you simply follow the instructions on screen. You can also pay over the counter at many banks where you will need to present your bill. There are many shops which will take payment, too.

Drinking Tap Water

Water companies will fit a water filter to the water system so consumers can drink tap water. Many people prefer to drink bottled water and this is easily accessible or you could have a water cooler in your home and have your water tanks delivered. Having a water filter fitted at the kitchen sink is the general advice to domestic consumers. Water filters are not required to be fitted outside the property as this can reduce the fluoride content which is the element that makes the water safe for domestic use. The water from the tap is required to adhere to National Standards set in place for drinking, so the general consensus is that tap water is safe to drink.

Storage Tanks

It is the responsibility of the account holder to maintain the water tank for their home and the advice from the water company is to use a registered contractor to service the tank. The website has a list of registered contractors approved by Syabus to wash and clean the water tank.

Saving Water

There are no water restrictions in place as all homes are fitted with a water meter. Water saving is an environmental issue and wasting water can cost you, the customer more. Any water restrictions which are put in place are announced by local authorities and on the water supplier’s website. Malaysian policy is to save as much water as possible and general advice consists of not wasting water, having showers instead of baths, not using too many water toys for children and to report any leakages outside of your property and in public roads or areas.

There is a free-phone (toll-free) number to report any problems with water in and around your home:


The website has a host of information for domestic consumers. Water tariffs vary from state to state and current prices can be found on the website.

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