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Amsterdam - Leisure and Entertainment

Like most cities of this size, Amsterdam offers plenty in the form of entertainment. Even those who live and work in the city can find new venues on a regular basis - it's part of the changing face of the city's entertainment district.

One interesting point in Amsterdam's entertainment is the tendency for new trends to quickly create interesting points of interest and popular hangouts. Over the past few years, various kinds of music have come and gone as the latest rage. Cycling has been the most popular outdoor pastime for those who seek to remain active, replaced only recently by scooters and skateboards. Some of Amsterdam's residents choose to meet for lunch on a daily or near-daily basis, while others prefer to "lounge" with friends at some predetermined time.

Through it all, some things remain popular, movie theaters (usually known as cinemas in Amsterdam) are a popular place for evening entertainment. Film ladders are posted in Thursday's newspapers and at various cafes around the city with a listing of movies being shown.

The city's casinos draw a large crowd on a regular basis. Whether you're looking to gamble your own money or just planning to watch, you'll likely enjoy at least one trip to the casinos to check out the buildings. There are several hundred slots, high-stakes gambling areas, restaurants and entertainment available.

When it comes to clubs, Amsterdam has quite a selection. From music to dance, you'll find options to suit almost any desires. Many of clubs offer large dance floors designed to encourage patrons to take a turn. You'll find clubs that specialize in entertainment for various times of day - from breakfast to late night - it's that varied in Amsterdam.

If you're looking to meet people in Amsterdam, there are several options. One that focuses on expats is an online service located at This site is hosted especially for Australian expats in the Netherlands, but the site serves as a portal for many other expat clubs for those from various countries.

Because English is not the language of Amsterdam, some expatriates find that they want to join up with others from their home country just to hear and speak their native tongue.

Sometimes, the social and cultural needs of children who move to a new country are overlooked. If you have children, you'll find other expats in Amsterdam have banded together to provide activities on a regular basis. From a plain play date to writing workshops, you're sure to find something that your children would love to participate in. While you're there, meet other parents to make friends of your own! You'll find one source of information for these activities at

One important point of this group is that they also provide activities for families with English/Dutch adoption mixes, especially for those Dutch parents who have adopted English-speaking children or vice versa.

The activities for expats don't stop with the children, and you'll also find this is a great source of information for adult activities, including sporting and community events.

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