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Rotterdam - Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Household Waste)

If you are renting a property, it is likely that there will be existing utility accounts, so it is possible to just request for a transfer of the accounts to your name. This avoids the need to have the services re-connected, and saves some money in re-connecting fees. In some rents, utilities are included as part of the rent, so check your contract terms.

There are 10 companies that supply water to residents in The Netherlands. The supply of water is determined by geography. The water company that supplies water in Rotterdam is Association of Dutch Water Companies website.

Since 2004, the energy market for electricity and gas in The Netherlands has been liberalized. Users are free to choose and change energy suppliers based on their tariffs and service levels. Many energy providers offer environment-friendly 'products'. Some companies include Eon, Essent, and Eneco. The Office of Energy Regulation (NMa) maintains an updated list of electricity and gas suppliers in The Netherlands. In 2008, the website launched an “energy indicator" calculator ('ConsuWijzer') to help consumers compare tariffs and estimate the costs involved for consumers who wish to change suppliers while on an existing contract. It is possible to purchase appliances such as heating devices from some energy providers.

Tariffs for water is based on actual usage (metered or estimated; if there is no meter). There is also a municipal tax imposed on the water tariff for water-related services (e.g. sewage). The charges for domestic refuse collection is included in your electricity / gas bill.

Domestic refuse in Rotterdam is handled by Roteb (Tel: 0800-1545; Kleinpolderplein 5; email:; website : Waste is usually collected once or twice a week. All waste must be properly disposed of in the wheelie bins (for single properties) or in the collective containers (for apartments) and must be placed in the designated areas for collection between 6 and 8am of the collection day. Note that improper disposal of your trash will result in a fine imposed by inspectors engaged by the municipality. For disposal of large or bulky items, contact Roteb to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can deliver the bulky items to one of the collection centers. The collection centers can be found at (1) Keilezijweg 15, (2) Melanchtonweg 139, (3) Nikkelstraat 131b, (4) Hekendorpstraat 55, and (5) Apoloniastraat 12. The collection centres are open Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 5pm.

Recycling and separation of domestic waste are strongly encouraged. Paper, glass, metal and organic waste (fruit and vegetable peel, garden waste) should be separated and can be dropped off at the many recycling facilities found throughout the city. Chemical waste (e.g. paint, batteries) should also be separated and disposed of separately. Alternatively, you can bring your used batteries to the supermarkets or shops for proper disposal.

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