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New Zealand - Property Locations

It is estimated that around 30% of the population of New Zealand was born in another country, so no matter whereabouts in the country that you choose to settle, you are sure to have other expats in your community. There is no one location which is more popular than another although the cities tend to attract more people thanks to their employment opportunities and cultural attractions and there are no areas where expats tend to stick together, thanks to the welcoming atmosphere created by the New Zealand people.

Auckland has expats living there from all over the world and is considered to be one of the best places in the country for work opportunities. The city has a strong economy and continuing growth is expected in many industrial sectors. There is a population of 1.3 million, around a quarter of the population of the country and the city is growing every day. Another reason that people choose Auckland is that it is not far to travel to reach the countryside. In 2010 Auckland was in 4th place of the best cities to live in the world. Auckland has some of the highest property prices in the country, although these are not so high as to be unaffordable.

Wanganui City is another option for expats. The city has good schools and plenty of amenities such as sporting venues and shopping malls. The climate attracts many people who want to move there as it is temperate and therefore fairly mild. Wanganui gives expats the chance to experience different cultures as it has a strong Maori history as well as a European one. There are many employment opportunities in Wanganui with a strong manufacturing sector as well as agriculture, construction and opportunities in retail and education. The city has a range of housing styles to suit every taste and new residents can choose from the city centre to the rural outskirts. The city has both public and private schools and has a university for higher education. The area is known for sports training facilities and there are always plenty of events happening. Water sports are popular and so is fishing. Wanganui has a strong artistic sector and there are artists’ studios throughout the city.

The West Coast of the South Island is not a hugely populated area and it is known for outstanding natural beauty. The West Coast area is bordered by the Southern Alps and two national parks as well as the Tasman Sea. The industries in the area are mainly agriculture and tourism, although mining is important to the local economy too. The population of the area is just 31,000 and has three districts. These are Grey, Buller and Westland. The area is popular with those who are looking to retire as there are fewer work opportunities but it is the ideal location for the laid back lifestyle.

The city of Wellington is the nation’s capital and it is located in the southern part of New Zealand’s North Island. There are four cities which make up this region – the city of Wellington itself, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua. The region is home to less than half a million people and expats are drawn to the area as the average wage is one of the highest in the country. The city is hit by strong winds for almost half the year, but the temperatures are very mild all year round.

Wellington is known for being a very cultural city and there are always cultural events happening. Residents can visit the Museum of New Zealand and there are arts and film festivals taking place annually. In the city of Wellington less than half the homes are owned by those living there and the numbers regionally are not much higher. This means that those who are interested in renting have plenty of property to choose from. The city is popular with young professionals and just over a quarter of all households have only one resident.

The quality of education in the region is good and this is another draw for expats. There are several universities for school leavers to choose from. The primary and secondary schools in the area are a mix of public and private education and is it estimated that around 45% of school leavers in the region do go on to college or university.

Others are attracted to Wellington as there are plenty of opportunities for sports and outdoor activities. There are several stadiums which host international matches in cricket, rugby and football.

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