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Oman - Healthcare and Medical Treatment

Oman has an excellent standard of healthcare available to both native Omani people and expats. With the exception of one or two conditions that may require specialist treatment, most people can be treated at one of the hospitals in the country.

There is a high ratio of facilities to citizens, so it is very easy and quick to get the care you need. There are also no worries about the language barrier, as a high proportion of medical staff are actually English speaking. Many of the private hospitals actually use English as a first language.

There is a public health service which provides most services free of charge to Omani residents, although some services may incur a small fee. It is advisable for expats and tourists to make sure that they have private medical insurance, although they would be treated in an emergency regardless of insurance cover.

All cities have modern hospitals with top of the range equipment, although in some poorer areas the facilities may not be so new. All hospitals have accident and emergency units, although if you call an ambulance you are likely to be taken to one at a public facility rather than private. It is also worth noting that most ambulance services are private so you may find it easier to make your own way to the hospital.

Finding a dentist in the country should also be easy. As with doctors, most will have trained abroad or be expats themselves and treatment is usually very fast and reasonably priced.

Some medications are available over the counter at a pharmacy, though you may find that what was easily available in your home country is restricted in Oman. If you require specific medication it is a good idea to check with the authorities before you arrive to ensure that what you need is readily available, otherwise you may have to discuss alternative medications with your doctor. It is also not easy to obtain anti-depressant medication as most are banned in the country. If you are travelling and have a restricted medication with you, it is advisable to also carry a letter from your doctor to confirm that you actually need it.

Some of the most common health risks in the country include sun burn and sun stroke. Some expats are unprepared for the extreme temperatures. Sun block and hats are a must-have. If you are working outdoors and the temperatures soar too high your employer should excuse you from work. Dehydration can also be a problem and newcomers to the region should be vigilant about taking enough fluids.

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