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Oman - Social Security and Welfare

There is a social security system in Oman but employees make only a small contribution. Oman is a relatively wealthy country that is able to fund benefits for its people without charging them. Omani nationals have automatic access to medical care, maternity benefits, pension schemes and child care.

Foreign workers are able to take advantage of medical facilities, but there are no benefits payable to them and it is advised that all foreign nationals should have their own private medical insurance. Most corporations will provide medical insurance to their workers. Omani nationals will also have free access to a number of specialist services such as medical and financial for the disabled. There are also payments for those who have a job but find themselves temporarily hospitalised or off work due to illness.

There are different levels of disability benefit available for the Omani people. There are payments for those injured at work, those who are suffering only a temporary disability and payments for those who are expected to be disabled permanently. The family of a person who is deceased may also claim help with funeral costs. Children who are orphaned can claim an orphan’s pension up to the age of 22 for men, or 26 if they are students, and to unmarried daughters until they marry.

Pension schemes are not available to foreigners unless they have a private scheme within the company they are working for. You should also be able to continue making contributions to your state pension in your home country but you should check with the pension department there to ensure that this will be possible. Expats should also check to see if they may be entitled to any benefits from their home country while they are abroad.

Omani nationals can claim benefits for unemployment, sickness and maternity leave along with new care systems for the elderly. Most elderly people are taken care of within the family but a specialist care home has now established which is government funded.

There are also an increasing number of services for women in Oman, as the government is becoming increasingly aware of their importance in society, paying them widows pensions and helping them with child care costs.

Benefits (not including pension) are payable to Omani citizens aged between 15 and 59. If they are aged 60 and over they automatically go into the pensions system. Pensions payments are calculated on the number of years in work and the average salary earned, so each person will receive different amounts.

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