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Portugal - Guarda

The Guarda district of Portugal is located in the central part of the country. It is named after the city of Guarda and has 14 municipalities. The city of Guarda has a population of just under 20,000 people and a history that dates back to medieval times. It has the highest altitude of any Portuguese city and attracts a steady flow of visitors each year, even though it is not a major tourist destination when compared to other parts of the country. Expats are beginning to discover the district and are attracted by the traditional lifestyle of the Portuguese people.

The area has a mild climate, thanks to its altitude and location. Winter temperatures average between 5 and 8°C, while summer temperatures are between 15 and 20°C. Snow is common in winter and rainfall is much higher in the winter than during the summer months.

The city of Guarda is fairly small, so may be a good prospect for those who are looking to move there to retire. There are not massive amounts of tourists in the area which means that it never feels overcrowded. The cooler winters may be a problem for those who want to retire to the sun and some expats in the area stay only for the summer months. The surrounding areas are very tranquil, receiving only a few tourists and not having a great deal of industry, so are perhaps better for those who are looking for a traditional Portuguese way of life.

Tourism based businesses are going to be seasonal in this area, particularly for those who are considering opening a hotel or B&B. Bars and restaurants may have more of a year round custom as they can also rely on local customers. The city is the best place for a small business as it has the highest population in the district, but there are plans to develop several areas in order to draw in more tourists.

The district of Guarda is mainly rural, apart from the city of Guarda itself. There are signs that the area is set to become popular with tourists, which may see an increasing amount of development taking place and, in turn, an increase in property prices. There are many properties in the region which are available for renovation and these can be bought very cheaply. A renovation project may be ideal for those who want to run their own B&B or small hotel. It is possible to buy a property which has already been renovated and these are usually done to a high standard.

The city of Guarda has relatively low property prices and there is a variety of property available, from apartments to traditional homes with period features. The city has good schools and there are several good shopping areas. It is easier to find a property to rent in the city and there are properties available which are ideal for those who want to start their own business. The city has a number of commercial areas which are suitable for this purpose.

Guarda covers part of Portugal’s Silver Coast and properties are available along this stretch of the district which vary in style, size and price. There are houses which have been renovated in quieter parts of the area which sell for less than 100,000 Euros. Those towns which receive more visitors will have properties which sell for two or three times that amount. These properties are ideal for those who are looking for a retirement home with access to a variety of leisure facilities such as golf courses, restaurants and shopping facilities. It is also possible to find properties to rent on a long term basis, but many of the homes along the coast are aimed at the tourist and expat market.

As parts of the region are trying to attract tourists it is possible to buy parcels of land that have permission granted for the development of apartment complexes. These areas of land will cost several hundred thousand Euros, which is a reasonable price when the potential return is taken into consideration. Those who are looking to begin their own tourism based business might find that one of these parcels of land is ideal for them.

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