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Portugal - Setubal

The Setubal district of Portugal can be found in the south west of the country and is named after the city of Setubal. The districts of Lisbon and Santarem are to the north and the district of Evora is the neighbour to the east. Beja is the district to the south. There is a population of nearly 800,000 inhabitants and there are 13 municipalities. The city of Setubal is home to nearly 90,000 people and a number of these are expats, drawn to the area for work or retirement.

The climate in the district is similar to that of its neighbours in terms of temperature and rainfall. The summer temperatures can easily reach 30°C and winter temperatures can drop to around 7°C. Rainfall is almost non-existent in summer, but high in winter as the weather is affected by the Atlantic Ocean.

Setubal is a close neighbour of Lisbon and as a result this is one of the busiest areas in the country. The city of Setubal has a large population so the area may not be best for those who are looking to retire as the area is urbanised and plays host to large numbers of tourists each year. Some of the surrounding small towns offer more in the way of tranquillity, but the advantage of the busy area is that there is always something to do. Setubal has a number of golf courses and other sports facilities as well as good shopping areas.

A tourism based business could do very well here, due to the large numbers that visit each year. The size of the city also means that there are always established businesses for sale which may be a better option for some people than trying to start from scratch. As this is a larger city there are several organisations that can offer advice when trying to start a business in the area.

Setubal is quite a large city when compared with some of the other district capitals, but still manages to retain an element of old world charm. However, it is home to one of the country’s largest ports. The location of the district in the southern part of the country means that it has large numbers of visitors each year. Properties close to the area of the port are reasonably priced but there is a demand from those who work in the area. There are several apartment complexes close to the beaches and these are marketed at expats and those who are looking for a holiday home. Prices in this section of the city are higher than in other areas, but this is due to the high demand and is still much lower than in other districts further south. The area is popular with those who are retiring due to the good leisure facilities available, with water sports in particular attracting participants.

Schools and other amenities are plentiful in Setubal. There are good shopping areas and there are plenty of bars and restaurants, particularly in the beach area.

The Troja Peninsula was home to a number of apartment complexes which could not be used due to the instability of the land on which they were built, but replacements are in the process of being developed and there may be opportunities to purchase an apartment off-plan at a low price.

The town of Palmela is located on a hill and in the middle of one of the biggest urban areas in the country. The area is seeing unprecedented demand for properties from those who are moving into the district from larger towns, mainly to retire, although some move to work at one of the large companies that are based in the area. The expat population is quite high and the local radio station has been known to broadcast in other language in response to this. In the older part of the town properties are mainly small traditional houses. Around the industrial areas of the town there are some more modern apartment buildings and houses. Property prices in the area are rising due to the demand, but it should be noted that as the town is small there are fewer leisure facilities and not as much choice of schools.

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