Finding your dream home in France – Part 1

Buying a home in France can be a complex process. From finding your dream home to relocating to France there are many hurdles to overcome before you can relax and enjoy the lifestyle and beautiful environment that France is renowned for. In Part 1 of this series, Oliver Phillips of PFS France ( walks you … Read more

Employing tradespeople (artisans) legally in France

by Ben Hermer, Artisan Anglais So many British citizens are now moving to France or buying a holiday home here that the demand is steadily growing for tradespeople, or artisans as they are known in France, to work on their houses, carry out groundwork or do any other job that may be needed. We Brits … Read more

Home Financing Now Available in Mexico

by Doug Jones The dream of owning a home in Mexico is on the minds of more and more North Americans, as they experience all the natural beauty and rich culture this country south-of-the-border has to offer. Many North Americans are looking for a place where they can make their retirement nest-egg stretch further than … Read more

Floods and the Brisbane Property Market

by Tracie HocartResidential Property Solutions I was only 4 years old when the 1974 floods swept through Queensland and I really can’t remember a lot about the actual event, apart from the fact that there were a lot of the round plastic garbage cans (common at the time) floating around the streets. Following that time, … Read more

Putting The Home Buyer First In Australia

by Tracie HocartResidential Property Solutions Buying a home or investment property can be hard work in your own suburb let alone in a suburb somewhere on the other side of the world. When buying property, usually the most expensive purchase in your lifetime, talking to a professional is important. Not just the real estate agent … Read more

Lenox Napier, AULAN

Lenox Napier moved to Spain as a teenager and has spent most of his life there. He is involved with AULAN (, an organisation which supports small property owners in Spain by fighting corruption and injustice, including the infamous 'land-grab' of recent times. Expat Focus: Lenox, can you tell us a bit about your background … Read more

Alan Langstone, US Realtor – The Langstone Team

Expat Focus: Alan, can you tell us a bit about your backgrounds? I was born in Buckinghamshire to London civil engineering commuter parents. I have lived in Wilshire, Warwickshire and Nottinghamshire before moving to the USA in 2007. My general working background has been in Civil Earthworks Engineering and Construction with a high Safety, Quality … Read more

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