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Moscow - Healthcare & Medical Treatment

Healthcare is one of the most significant concerns of expatriates moving to Moscow. Obtaining appropriate healthcare can be a difficult task for Muscovites, let alone expatriates, so it's a good idea to know how to obtain medical care before you move to Russia's capital city.

There are relatively few hospitals within the city – in fact, there are only 14 hospitals in the entire country of Russia. The quality of medical treatment varies quite widely. Most of the hospitals in Moscow were previously used to serve VIP clients, and have only recently been converted to public facilities.

For expatriates living in Moscow, one of the best choices is the American Medical Centre, located at 26/6 Prospekt Mira (1 Grokhol'sky Pereulok), Moscow, 129090. Telephone consultations are available in Russian and English, and many of the hospital staff members also speak English, which can aid considerable with giving them information necessary to diagnose an illness.

American Medical Centre offers both visits with family doctors within its facility, and house calls during restricted hours. Diagnostic testing is also available onsite, and this hospital has two surgical facilities to attend to serious illnesses and injuries.

You can obtain more information about American Medical Centre at

Another medical center choice favored by expatriates living in Moscow is the Eurpoean Medical Group, located at Spiridonievskiy Per. 5, Bld. 1 . The medical staff is comprised of American, French, and Russian doctors, most of whom have studied medicine at Western universities. Interpreters are provided when consulting with doctors who do not speak English.

The European Medical Group offers a full range of medical services, from gynecology and obstetrics , to surgery, to psychotherapy. They also provide house calls 24 hours a day, and can provide ambulance transportation to the hospital if necessary.

For more information on the European Medical Group, visit their website at

It is advised that you obtain a medical evaluation when you arrive in Moscow, and discuss financial concerns with the clinic you choose. If you need to be hospitalized because of an emergency while staying in Moscow, you will be required to pay a substantial financial deposit, because medical insurance is not always readily accepted. Delays in treatment sometimes occur because the patient is not able to provide proof of the ability to pay for hospitalization, medical, or surgical services.

Medical evacuation insurance is critical while living in Russia's capital city. Some conditions are not treated in Moscow, and you will need to have the financial means to be transported back to your home country if such a condition should occur.

If you find yourself in a medical emergency that requires ambulance transportation, the city ambulance emergency number is "03". However, the dispatchers do not speak English, so you will have to be prepared to give your address in Russian. Due to underfunding, delays in ambulance arrival are common.

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