How Does The Schooling System Work In Singapore?

If you’re moving to Singapore with a young family in tow, one of the most important, and probably the most difficult, decisions you will need to make is with regard to the education of your children.As any parent knows, choosing the right school for your child can be a stressful process even without the addition … Read more

Singapore’s Early Learning Village: A Good Choice For Expat Children?

One of the main challenges for many expat families is finding the best education for their children. What are the best options academically? And is that option affordable?In previous articles we’ve focused on providing extensive lists of options across the city of Singapore. In this feature, we focus on the Early Learning Village, an establishment … Read more

An Overview Of International Schools in Singapore

Singapore is a thriving expat destination, and as such has many reputed international schools in different locations, offering a variety of curricula. The public school system in Singapore also provides high quality education, but expat parents often choose international schools over public schools, so that their children can follow an international curriculum.This helps to make … Read more

The Best Singapore Schools for Expat Families

For expats with families, education is a top concern. Singapore has one of the top-rated education systems in the world, integrating the most successful aspects of other country’s systems in conjunction with its growing and redeveloping infrastructure. With the choice between international schools and local schools, many parents may be confused as to where to … Read more