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Singapore - Car Rental

There are several car rental agencies in Singapore, including some at the airport. There are several things that you should keep in mind when renting a car in Singapore, however. Renting a car in Singapore really isn’t that much different than renting one anywhere else. You will need your passport, driver’s license, and available funds to do so. Car rental rates can change quickly so you’ll want to do your research before you commit to a price. There is also a 24-hour clock that you should take note of since it is often used to charge you. For instance, if you do not return the car within 24 hours, you will probably be charged for two days instead of one, even if you return it within 26 hours.

Consider the period for which the car is needed, too. The weekly rate for most car rental companies applies for rentals of 5-7 days. It can be cheaper to get the weekly rate than it is to book the car for individual days. Weekends and holiday periods are almost always going to be higher.

You should also look around for the companies that offer competitive rates for reliable vehicles. Since there are several companies, you might find that comparison shopping for your car rental can save you money. While you are looking, you’ll want to ensure that they accept international driver’s license if you do not have a valid Singapore license.

When you rent the car, check it very carefully and note any marks, dents, or imperfections. Have the agent sign off on these or else you might be the one responsible for them when you return the vehicle. Sometimes, a drop-off fee or charge is applied if you return the vehicle to a different location than where you rented it. Check to see if your rental company does this.

The minimum age to rent a car varies between companies.

Car seats are usually available for children, just ask in advance. You might have to pay an extra fee.

A few of the popular car rental agencies in Singapore include:

Drive SG:
Payless Car Rental:
Singapore Car Rental:

Although you will probably only be renting a vehicle for a day or two, it’s possible you might need it longer. Long-term car rentals are available. If you plan on staying in Singapore for less than 3 years then it could be cheaper to rent a car than to purchase one. However, if you plan on being in Singapore longer than 3 years then it might make more financial sense to buy one.

If you want flexibility and can’t commit to a long-term agreement then a monthly rental might be a good option for you. The minimum contractual period for a long-term contract is 12 months for existing vehicles and 24 months for new ones. A standard rental long-term rental price might include insurance, road tax and radio license, unlimited mileage, regular monthly maintenance, and car replacement in case of a breakdown.

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