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Singapore - Elderly Care

Seniors in Asia are generally welcome and are even highly respected. Some expats take their aging family members with them while others have their family come to visit. There are several types of elderly care facilities and services available on the island, whether your loved ones are there for a few weeks or on a more permanent basis.

The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) oversees many of the programs and strives to offer information and resources on their website at

Some of the programs that the NCSS funds and administers include befriending services, home care, caregiver support services, community home services, dementia day care centers, day care centers for seniors, day rehabilitation centers, hospice centers, sheltered homes, the seniors helpline, senior activity centers, nursing homes, and the safe return card.

Some of the elder care programs try to encourage seniors to communicate with others in order to stimulate their emotional wellbeing. The befriending program is one of the services that offers physical and emotional support to seniors in this manner. It is particularly helpful for those who do not have a strong family support system. In addition to providing emotional support, it offers escorting, errands running and referrals to other services when they are needed.

Residential facilities such as community homes help elderly individuals who have some independence yet still need assistance. Most of the patients who live in community homes don’t have support from family or friends. Recreational activities are organized for the residents in the community home and they are encouraged to keep up their independent living skills for as long as they are able to.

For those who do have the support of their family members and don’t need to live in community homes or nursing homes, adult day care centers can be helpful. These are designed to provide support and supervision to seniors during the day so that they don’t have to be home by themselves. Meals and activities are provided in these facilities. Seniors can stay either a full day or only half a day, depending on the schedule of their primary caregiver. In a dementia day care center, special therapeutic services are given to those who are suffering from dementia.

In a rehabilitation center, the elderly are able to recover and get the proper care they need after hospitalization or a major medical setback. These centers are slightly different from traditional hospitals since they focus primarily on rehabilitation rather than treatment.

Home health care is available for seniors who are able to live independently on their own yet still need extra attention and support on occasion. The Home Help Service offers services to assist those with meals delivery, housekeeping, laundry service, and hygiene care. Helpers can also escort the elderly to their doctor’s appointments.

Hospice care is available both in hospice centers and in the home. Hospice service is often required when an individual is suffering from a major medical setback and no further treatments are available. Nursing staff, in these situations, assist the patient in feeling comfortable and pain-free. Support can also be offered to family members and loved ones during this time.

The Safe Return Card, also known as the DDR ID Card, is for individuals with disabilities and often used for the elderly. It helps identify family members or individuals if they are out and lose their way. It also offers cardholders discounted rates for services and access to different facilities.

In Senior Activity Centres (SACs), programs and activities are available for seniors who stay in HDB flats and require extra support and a friendly environment during the day. The atmosphere is conducive to forming friendships and is helpful for those who need extra stimulation and assistance yet still live on their own.

Some of the services that are offered at care centers include maintenance rehabilitation exercises, workshops, celebrations, learning programs, mentally stimulating activities, meals, diaper care, urinary care, administration of medication, and physiotherapy assessment.

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