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Singapore - Parking

Parking costs in some of the newer parking lots can be taken from the CashCard. This makes paying for parking a little more convenient. While the cost of parking varies, it does tend to be cheaper than it is in some places such as New York City and London. You might, for instance, only pay about $1 for the first hour of parking.

Some of the parking lots have sensors that can be let you know if the space is filled or not. This is handy since it can show you where the free spaces are so that you’re not driving around and around, looking.

You can also apply for monthly season parking tickets at some of the URA car parks or heavy vehicle parking lots. These are available on a first-come-first-served basis for each specific parking place or group of parking places. A waiting list is available. For more information, visit:

If you want to know what parking rates are ahead of time, then you can visit the One Motoring website. Here, visitors are able to look at parking rates by districts, hotels, and sights. You can even print the compilations out and keep them with you for the next time you’re on the road. For more information, visit:

HDB parking lots tend to have their own rules, coupons, and regulations. Night parking is available in some places and is signified by illuminated signs. You can find out more information on theses on the HDB website at:

One of newest parking innovations to hit Singapore is the advent of luxury high rise parking elevators that are available in one of the most luxurious apartment buildings. These elevators deliver the individual’s vehicle to their apartment door.

For those with mobility issues or physical disabilities, the Car Park Label Scheme allows individuals to park at designated parking lots reserved for their use. These spots are larger than standard parking lots, and allow those with physical disabilities to board and alight from their vehicles easier. Two different car park labels exist: Class 1 Label and the Class 2 Label. Both of these have different terms and conditions. The Car Park Label Scheme for Persons with Disabilities is administered by the Centre for Enabled Living (CEL).

Those who have physical disabilities and/or medical conditions with mobility constraints can apply for the Class 1 Label while those with disabilities and/or medical conditions and mobility constraints and need the use of a caregiver can apply for the Class 2 Label so that their caregivers can transport them. The Class 2 label, for instance, is often used by voluntary welfare organizations.

To be eligible for the Class 1 Label, applicants must have their disability certified by a medical doctor. Applicants must also show that they need the use of mobility aids such as calipers, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, etc. Eligibility for the Class 2 Label requires applicants show their certified disability and show proof of the need of a caregiver, either permanently or on occasion.

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