How To Register With The Health System In Switzerland

The only way to register with the health system in Switzerland is to take out private health insurance (Soziale Krankenversicherung / Assurance maladie / Assicurazione-Mallatie) with a recognised Swiss healthcare insurance provider. There is no national health insurance scheme and employers do not offer healthcare plans.Insurance is provided at two levels, basic and supplementary. Basic … Read more

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Switzerland

Every Swiss resident faces the minimum monthly cost of a premium on a private health insurance policy. Healthcare cannot be accessed without it.Simply trying to stay well without insurance is not an option as health insurance is compulsory for all residents, one policy per individual, and anyone who does not voluntarily take out insurance within … Read more

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Switzerland?

Switzerland spends more than any other European country on its healthcare, but the costs of actual treatment are paid directly by patients in the first instance. Every resident is required by law to have private health insurance to access the healthcare system, but before the insured patient can make a claim they are expected to … Read more

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Switzerland?

With its beautiful scenery and low unemployment and crime rate, Switzerland is considered one of the countries in the world with the highest quality of life and the nation’s healthcare system matches this, ranking among the very best.The country’s healthcare system is mostly organised, funded and overseen by its 26 cantons. The cantons also partly … Read more

Health Insurance In Switzerland – A Guide For Expats

It might be easy to assume that all European countries fund and deliver their healthcare services in a similar way, but Switzerland’s health insurance system is a good reminder that expats need to fully plan all areas of their relocation if they want to avoid unexpected bills.Switzerland is a modern, economically successful country whose residents … Read more

Using The Healthcare System In Switzerland – A Short Guide For Expats

The Swiss healthcare system, known as LAMal, is reputed across Europe for providing top-quality health services and facilities to residents. Switzerland spends approximately 10 percent of its GDP on healthcare and the country ranks among the top OECD countries for medical expenditure. This policy of investing in healthcare ensures that citizens receive a variety of … Read more

Why Switzerland Can’t Be Beaten for a Healthy Expat Life

In terms of overall well-being and health, Switzerland ranks among the top countries in the world. According to the Better Life Index, which looks at factors such as employment, education and health, Switzerland offers a high quality of life and is an excellent choice for expats. Many people in the UK choose Switzerland for a … Read more

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