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United Kingdom (UK) - Property Locations

Expats tend to go where their job is when considering property locations. Most of the employment opportunities for expats are in England, Wales, and Scotland, rather than Northern Ireland. Expats who move to Northern Ireland are usually found in Belfast and Londonderry. Northern Ireland has some ongoing troubles which have prevented it from attracting a high number of expats even in the larger cities.

In England there are a number of expat communities which one may not find in Northern Ireland, Wales, or Scotland. East Anglia around Cambridgeshire, and Lincolnshire near Boston are two of the larger communities that tend to be popular with expats. The popularity might have something to do with jobs being available in these regions. Both communities tend to draw in Eastern European expats, who might feel more comfortable living in a close community in order to keep family, culture, and language alive despite living in a new country.

London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool are four major cities in England that also boast large expat communities. In these cities expats tend to be spread out, sometimes in the more affordable boroughs rather than in the city centres. This creates a multicultural spread of expats, rather than specific community pockets.

Scotland and Wales also see a higher number of expats in the major cities such as Cardiff in Wales, and Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. While there is a chance that an expat might move to smaller, more rural communities, they are far more likely to be found in big cities like London, Glasgow, and Cardiff.

These trends do not seem likely to change any time soon; expats will continue heading for the cities where most of the jobs are, rather than to the more picturesque areas with higher unemployment rates.

London’s Indian Community

Expats from other European countries may make up a large percentage of the UK’s immigrant community, but there are also significant numbers of expats from India. Recent figures show about 500,000 Indians have moved to London, accounting for 6.4% of the city’s total population. Studies have also shown that the Indian community in London is the largest outside of India itself. If one combined Indian expats living in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, and Portugal the number might reach the 500,000 that live just in London.

Indian communities in London often have roots in areas like Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Rajastan. There are others including some who trace their roots from India to East Africa, Southern Africa, and the Caribbean before moving to London.

Greater London has the smallest population of Indian expats at 6.5%, while Harrow has the largest community at 22%. Hounslow and Brent are the next largest communities of Indian expats. Hillingdon, Newham, Redbridge, and Ealing all have a population percentage of over 10%, but less than 16%. Barnet and Croydon also have a fairly high percentage of Indian population at 8.8% and 7.5% respectively.

American Communities in the UK

Populations in the United Kingdom that consider themselves to be of American origin total about 178,000 people. Most of these expats live in London and the rest of England, although there are also some American expat communities in Wales. American ethnicity is broken down into African, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Native, Alaskan, and White/European Americans. Several Americans in UK communities today are ex-servicemen who retired to Britain after visiting the country during WWII.

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