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United Kingdom (UK) - Renewable Energy

Solar and wind power are two options for renewable energy in the United Kingdom. In order to be environmentally conscious, the government in the UK has decided to offer a number of incentive plans to homeowners. These incentives include the Feed in Solar Tariff and tax deductions on one's annual income tax. Any updates to your current energy system, house, or installation of solar or wind power will be met with an incentive from the government. The programs change with regard to the amount offered, so a comparison of current options is always necessary. The Renewable Heat Incentive can also apply when updates are made to your home.

Current Usage of Solar and Wind

According to multiple sources, about 750MW of solar power are used each year and 10GW of wind power are used. This put renewable energy use at 11.3% in 2012. It is estimated that by 2020, 4 million homes in the United Kingdom will either have solar or wind power. This estimate and the current usage is probably a result of the incentives and tax deductions offered to residents.

How it Works

The United Kingdom has a national grid for energy. This national grid is something all homes are connected to and this will not change when you switch to renewable energy. Rather, your energy will feed into the national grid based on how much home usage you have versus the amount of energy you produce.

For example, if you choose solar panels, you need to make enough energy from the sun's rays to power your home. If there is any excess production, you can sell it to the national grid and earn credit for your energy usage. If you have a month of lower production, you may buy back your renewable energy for a lower rate, ensuring that you have a steady stream of electricity.

Those who research solar panels will learn that the sun does not have to produce direct rays for the panels to soak up energy and convert it to home use. Even cloudy days can produce enough energy to run some homes. It does depend on your usage and solar panels may not be ideal depending on the home location.

Wind is an alternative for renewable energy when solar is not an option. Again, though, you need to be in an area that can produce enough wind energy to run your home, or you will have to pay for a portion of usage from the national grid.

Getting Connected

There are several suppliers in the United Kingdom that will install solar and wind power. You can compare suppliers online to find the best price. A few of these companies also offer free consultations. Once the solar panels or wind tower are set up, you can contact your current energy supplier to inform them of the change.

You should let them know that you are now using renewable energy, and you will then be entitled to credits on your quarterly energy bill to ensure that you are not charged for energy usage from the national grid.

Renewable Energy Suppliers

The major companies servicing the entire UK (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) are listed here. These companies operate in specific locations and there are more to compare and choose from.

Renewable Energy Association

This association offers news, events, technology, and membership information regarding renewable energy. It was established in 2001 for UK residents who wish to learn more about renewable energy sources and how they work.

+44(0) 20 7925 3570

Res Group

This company operates in the UK and Ireland offering wind power to landowners. It is more for landowners that can create their own wind farm, rather than putting up one tower just for their own home.

Good Energy

Good Energy is specific to England, Scotland and Wales, and helps homeowners to produce energy through wind or rain. One can switch to their supply lines or add in solar or wind power to become a producer in order to save on energy.

+44(0) 845 456 1640


Ecotricity offers natural gas, wind, and solar power to residents, as well as the possibility of creating energy for the national grid.

+44(0) 800 030 2302

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