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United Kingdom (UK) - Veterinary Care

Veterinary care is at the discretion of the pet owner. However, there are certain pets that tend to require more care such as horses, farm animals, and large dogs. Cats also require at least a yearly vet visit, however some people choose not to take their pets to the vet if they seem generally healthy. The cost of veterinary care is on the rise all over the world, particularly in the UK and US. Like most human medical care, better equipment for easier surgeries is being implemented all the time, which creates better but less affordable care options.

In the United Kingdom pet insurance has become widespread, with hundreds of sites popping up in the early noughties. These different care packages make it easier to get annual exams and most are affordable, ensuring that the level of care a pet receives is higher in standard than it might otherwise be.

Veterinary standards are high in the UK. When an animal is brought to the vet in an emergency there is a fairly high possibility of its life being saved. Ultimately it is the owner who decides the amount of care in an emergency.

The UK has a euthanasia option for animals who would not have a good quality of life if their lives were medically extended. In general euthanasia is only used as a last resort, however unfortunately overcrowded animal shelters will sometimes euthanise pets for whom a home cannot be found.

Most UK owners will neuter or spay their pets, unless they plan to use them for breeding purposes. This is also used as a means of controlling unwanted behaviour. Vets and shelters recommend such procedures and will often carry them out in order to keep pregnancy from occurring in the shelter. It is not considered so important to neuter or spay rabbits and other small animals. However, rabbits may be neutered or spayed if they are in kept by a shelter or charity.

Pet Locators

GPS trackers have been increasing in prevalence in recent years. A small microchip that can be inserted into a pet, this will help an owner find the animal if ever it is lost. Vets can install these with a simple shot under the skin.

Vet Hospitals

In the United Kingdom there are emergency vet hospitals and some vets will also make emergency house calls.

Dental Care

Pet dental care is another area that vets will see to when you take your animal to the surgery. Teeth cleaning for dogs and cats is especially important. Cats and dogs often develop cavities from their foods which can cause pain as they get older.

Vet Care

An annual exam is advisable for all pets. Furthermore, there are vaccinations that are required at certain stages of a pet’s life, including rabies, parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis, and hepatitis vaccines. Cats have the FLV or feline leukaemia vaccine as well. Pets need to be vaccinated according to a specific schedule, particularly against rabies.

Veterinary Registration

Vets need to register with the British Veterinary Association to ensure they are put on a list of approved veterinarians. There is also the National Veterinary Associates list. Both lists help people to find skilled veterinarians who can ensure a pet’s safety and proper healthcare.

British Veterinary Association

National Veterinary Associates

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