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United Kingdom (UK) - Waste Disposal states that England produces 177 million tonnes of waste each year. If you combine Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland into the statistics the number will be significantly higher. It has been suggested that a ‘zero waste economy’ be started, in which UK residents would be required to start paying more attention to the amount of waste they produce. Much of the waste is attributed to poor use of resources, which turn into poor costs for households and businesses.

Waste is sent to a landfill by waste collection. Landfills produce methane, which is not environmentally friendly; another reason the UK has started working towards a better waste disposal concept.

England has a four-point Waste Prevention Program:

1. Businesses are encouraged to have a sustainable economy in terms of design, products, and services that reduce the amount of waste they produce.

2. People and businesses are given better resources regarding waste disposal, such as what to do with items that break or can be reused or recycled.

3. The program is in place to help companies and residents with their efficiency in order to prevent excessive waste.

4. It is also a program to help local governments improve their communities for a better national situation.

Waste Prevention Programs in England teach individuals about when to buy food and how to store certain items to prevent excessive waste.

Convenience of recycling has been a focal point in the United Kingdom in the last few years. More and more councils throughout the four countries are providing collection services, as opposed to a communal refuse point. In the larger cities with apartment buildings, there are still communal refuse points, from which recycling is picked up on a weekly basis. The government is working with local councils to ensure there is weekly collection under the Weekly Collection Support Scheme.

It is the aim of the United Kingdom to get every household to recycle, therefore a number of new schemes like the weekly collection support scheme have been put in place. The idea is to increase the frequency of collections for both environmental benefits and convenience. In order to find out whether your community or local council offers waste disposal and recycling, you can contact a waste disposal facility and enquire about signing up for services. Recently there has been an increased focus on new technology and innovative concepts that can help residents recycle more.

The sewerage system is another part of waste disposal. Connections in cities are made through a sewerage treatment system, in which each household is connected to the mains with drainage into the treatment plant. The United Kingdom has worked to upgrade their system in an effort to clean up cities over the last century.

In rural areas it is more typical to find septic tanks or cesspits rather than a sewerage treatment system. Northern Ireland and Scotland will have a variety of rural locations with septic tanks, rather than connection to the mains.

For those who have a septic tank there may be a need to register with the government depending on the amount of sewage going through the system. Anything that is over 2 cubic metres per day will need to be registered. You may also have to register if your discharge to surface water is over 5 cubic metres a day.

Getting Connected

1. Find your waste disposal company through the local council or by comparison online.

2. Call or fill out the online form.

3. You will need your address and user type (permanent or temporary resident).

4. The company will let you know when the process is complete and the dates on which you can expect waste disposal collection to occur in your area.

Waste Disposal

The three companies listed below serve the United Kingdom with waste disposal services. You may find there is only one available in your area. Contact your local council for more information about local waste disposal resources.

Waste Care

Veolia Environmental Services


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