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United States of America (USA) - Arkansas

Arkansas is the 25th state of the United States of America. Located in the south of the country, it is bordered by six other states. They are Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas to the south, Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee to the north. The state of Arkansas is very green and fertile; it is covered in lush forests and is home to many caves. It certainly earns its nickname ‘The Natural State’. Arkansas is the only state to have diamond mining, although this is not done commercially, usually just for tourists and members of the public who pay a small fee for the pleasure.

The state capital of Arkansas is Little Rock and this is also the most populous city. It is in this area that many people choose to find work and housing. Those who are looking to relocate to Arkansas will find there are plenty of activities for their free time, enough for all the family to enjoy. The natural beauty of the state is always a draw for those looking for a camping weekend, beautiful waterfalls and scenic mountain trails help to make any outdoor break a truly fabulous time.

Of course outdoor pursuits are not for everyone and there is plenty on offer for those with differing tastes. Art galleries are in abundance and there is even the opportunity to tour the childhood home of former President Bill Clinton.

Arkansas - Employment

The economic growth experienced by many states in recent years has not reached Arkansas. The capital of Little Rock is ideal for those who want to work as unemployment is low, but there is not much room for progression within the workplace. The job market is currently stagnant, which is a trend that looks likely to continue at least on a short term basis.

Agriculture is a massive industry in Arkansas, this ranges from rice production to chickens and cotton fields. Timber products including the production of paper and wooden furniture is also a major industry in the state of Arkansas. For those with the right experience mining is still big business in the area, and there are many bauxite mines in the region, making the production of aluminium one of the major industries in the state.

As with many of the US states, there is a shortfall in qualified nursing staff in Arkansas so the likelihood of being offered a job in this field is high. Many states have certain examinations that must be taken in order to work in the healthcare field, and a license to practice in the state of Arkansas is necessary.

Arkansas - Property

House prices in Little Rock are low compared to the country’s average prices. There are also many bargain homes to be had due to foreclosures. These homes often need extensive modernisation, but those who are looking to settle into a permanent life in the area could find this type of home perfect. Working with an almost blank canvas allows the new owner to put their own stamp on the property and is a perfect way of making a new start.

Those who are looking for homes that need very little to no work prior to moving in can still pick up bargains, and there are many homes in the area offering just that for less than $100,000. Of course, there are homes to suit all budgets and higher end homes from $500,000 to several million dollars are available also.

Many of the homes on offer, no matter how big the budget, come with decent amounts of land usually several thousand sq ft. This affords the home owner the opportunity to expand their property if need be, after receiving the correct planning permissions from the local council.

Many people moving to a new area, especially to a new country may find that renting property initially is the best idea. This allows the expat to test run different areas before finally buying a home. Buying a home in the wrong area can prove to be a costly mistake in the future. Rental properties are reasonably priced in Little Rock, considering it is the state capital, family homes can be rented for less than $1000 per month and could be the ideal short term solution to housing problems.

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