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United States of America (USA) - Delaware

Delaware is the first state of the United States of America; it is also ranked 49th in terms of area and 45th in terms of population. It is located in the north eastern region of the country and is bordered by 3 states, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. The state capital for Delaware is Dover although its largest city is Wilmington. Other major cities within the state are Milford and Middleton. The top edge of the state that borders Pennsylvania is actually a perfect arc, known as 12 mile circle. All points along that line are exactly 12 miles from the Old Court House in New Castle.

Delaware offers plenty to see and so, including the Brandywine Zoo, located in Wilmington which is perfect for those expats with families. There are also many famous personalities from Delaware including Sugar Ray Leonard, Henry Heimlich (of Heimlich Manoeuvre fame) and Elisabeth Shue.

Delaware – Employment

Delaware has an unemployment rate of around 9%. There are several main contributors to the state’s economy which is one of the strongest in the US. The industry includes agriculture and manufacturing. Major employers in the state include the state government, the University of Delaware, several large banking institutions and several pharmaceutical companies. Those who are working for an international company which has a presence in the state may find it easier to obtain a transfer there than find a new job.

Other industries such as agriculture and tourism may only be able to offer seasonal work and as there are always many applicants for each job these can be hard to come by. There are opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers in all industries, although the economic downturn means that the number of vacancies available is fewer.

Delaware – Property

Delaware is a relatively small state but there is still a variety of areas to choose from when it comes to selecting housing. The area of Old New Castle is filled with historic homes that are packed with period features. The area is carefully maintained to preserve the historical features and only authentic materials are allowed to be used. The houses there have to be regularly painted to keep them looking their best, so if you are not the sort that enjoys home maintenance then this area will not be for you. There are also some more modern single family homes and town houses for those who want something less high maintenance and there are homes in all price brackets. The area has amenities to suit all basic needs but you would need to travel a little for shopping malls and nightclubs.

The area of Wilmington is a very tranquil area that is home to many families and has just been discovered by young professionals. There are 19th century houses that are very reasonably priced when compared to those in other districts and there are also apartments for those who are looking for something a little smaller. The district of Wilmington has everything needed for daily life as well as boutique shops and cinemas.

Newark used to be a centre of agriculture but is now a much sought after area. It has a relaxed community feel to it and some new developments have meant that there is affordable housing and many people are attracted to the area when they retire. The Newark village of Long Creek, for example, has everything a family needs from parks to shops. New homes are also being aimed at young professional people and there are several developments of apartments. The shops in the area are locally owned rather than chains and this helps to maintain the feel of community. There are also properties to rent, both houses and apartments.

Middletown is a growing area and there are commitments in place to expand the commercial and retail areas of the town. The main part of the town consists of Victorian-style houses, although the area also has town houses and condominiums. The area also offers a wide choice in terms of price. There are luxury homes for those who have more than a million dollars to spend but there are also some very affordable areas for those without the big budget. Middletown has a good schools system for those who have children although the cost of living is a little higher than in some neighbouring areas.

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