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United States of America (USA) - Georgia

Georgia is the 4th state of the United States of America, and is located in the south eastern area of the country. It is bordered by 5 other states: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. The south east edge of the state reaches the Atlantic Ocean coastline. The state capital of Georgia is Atlanta which is also the state’s largest city. Other major cities within the state are Savannah, Augusta, Athens and Columbus. Georgia is the 24th largest state in terms of area, and 9th largest in terms of population.

Georgia has a humid, tropic climate, and has even suffered severe droughts. It is vulnerable to both tornadoes and hurricanes, although rarely does the state suffer direct hits from hurricanes, usually just the aftermath of hurricanes from the gulf heading over Florida. There are many famous people from Georgia, including Gladys Knight, Otis Redding and Evander Holyfield.

Georgia – Employment

There are a large number of major corporations which have a base in Georgia. These include companies such as Coca-Cola and UPS and a large number of international companies. These represent the best opportunity for employment within the state, particularly for skilled professionals. Tourism is also a major part of the economy as is agriculture, but some vacancies in this area are mainly for unskilled workers and may be seasonal.

Other industrial activity in the state includes food processing and the production of chemicals and electrical equipment. There are many opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers in these areas. The medical profession is in short supply of qualified doctors and nurses, though foreign trained staff need to take a local assessment in order to obtain a licence to practise. There are also opportunities for civilian workers within the military and local governments, although foreign born nationals will be subject to stringent checks before they are able to begin work.

Georgia – Property

Atlanta is probably the first port of call for those relocating to the state, mainly due to the increased work opportunities there. There are many expats in the city and there are several districts to choose from when deciding where to live. The Downtown district, for example, is home to over 25,000 people and is a very diverse area culturally. The properties on offer are mainly apartments, although there are some family homes in the area. The main function of the area is a commercial one though, and the demand for property in the area means that the prices can be high.

The Buckhead district of Atlanta is a very upmarket area and much more expensive to live in. The property prices are continuing to rise there and this limits the residents to only the very wealthy. The area has many bars and restaurants and everything that is needed for daily life, but only if you can afford to live there. The Midtown district is popular due to its location, which means an easy travelling distance for those who work in the Downtown area. The properties on offer range from apartments to family homes and the prices are much more reasonable than those in Buckhead. The West End district of the city is home to many older properties and the prices reflect the historical significance. It is a good district for families as it is not too close to the city centre and there are excellent schools in the area.

The city of Augusta is a much more tranquil area than Atlanta. The Downtown district houses many of the city’s residents and also much of the commercial and retail businesses. There are cultural attractions in the area and property prices are slightly higher than the regional average. North August is a very quiet location, with much to offer both families and individuals. The area is undergoing some development, with the construction of several waterfront complexes, which are higher in price than others in the area, but the prices are on a par with the regional average.

The Summerville district used to be a small town on its own but has now been absorbed into the city of Augusta. It is home to many large houses and there are some houses dating back to the early 19th century which have been restored. As a sought after area, prices may be a little high, but the amenities in the area are excellent.

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