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United States of America (USA) - Kentucky

Kentucky is the 15th state of the United States of America, and it is located in the eastern central region of the country although it is classed as a southern state. Kentucky is the 37th largest state in terms of area and 26th largest in terms of population. Kentucky is bordered with 7 states, West Virginia, Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. The state capital of Kentucky is Frankfort, although the largest city is Louisville. Other major cities within the state include Lexington, Owensboro and Bowling Green.

The climate of Kentucky can be varied and extreme, from scorching hot summers to bitterly cold winters and everything in between. Although not a part of the region known as Tornado Alley, Kentucky has been known to suffer its fair share. Things to do in Kentucky are as varied as the weather, from the world famous Kentucky Derby to Mammoth Cave, and plenty of art galleries.

Kentucky – Employment

Kentucky is a largely agricultural state, with production including tobacco, dairy products and corn. There are not many agricultural opportunities as the work on offer is mainly seasonal. The state has a strong manufacturing sector, which produces chemicals, electrical appliances and tobacco products. There are opportunities in these sectors at all levels, from unskilled factory workers to senior management. However, as the state’s unemployment rate is over 10% there is a lot of competition for vacancies.

The state is also known for mining and is one of the largest producers of coal in the US. There are also opportunities in car production as there are a large number of car plants in the state, with makes including Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet. Again there are opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers although if you are already working for an international company that has a base in the state, an internal transfer is the best way to move to Kentucky.

Kentucky – Property

The city of Louisville is very popular with expats and there is a growing community. There are several different districts which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The Churchill Downs area of the city is the venue for the Kentucky Derby. This is a popular area with tourists and as a result the demand for property is high, which helps to keep the prices higher than average. In contrast the Downtown district is undergoing regeneration. Attractions include the Falls of Ohio and horse riding through the area. It is not as busy as the Downtown areas of most cities, but this helps to keep property in demand and prices above the regional average.

The Highlands district is filled with art shops, coffee shops and trendy eateries. This is the main cultural area of the city and is home to a lively nightlife. Properties here are mainly apartments and are much sought after by young professionals. The Old Louisville Historic district is exactly that and filled with older properties which range from period apartment buildings to mansions. There are several museums in the area, but for families looking for a home it is an expensive place to live.

The city of Lexington is home to several racetracks, so is ideal for those who enjoy horseracing and is a popular tourist destination for shops and museums. The Downtown district of Lexington is filled with restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines, particularly local specialities. This area is very popular and properties are in demand. There are large numbers of apartments in the area and these are mainly occupied by young professionals.

The North Lexington district is a very upmarket area, so property prices are higher and there are more single family homes than apartments. The area has good schools and amenities so is ideal for families if the budget will allow. The University district is filled with cheaper properties that are mainly to rent, due to the high student population, and these are also predominantly apartments. West Lexington is another smart residential area. It has all the amenities for day to day life such as schools, as well as a wide array of shops. It is also ideally located for travelling into the city. The prices are high in this area, mainly due to the demand.

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