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United States of America (USA) - Maryland

Maryland is the 7th state of the United States of America, and is the 42nd largest in terms of area. It is also the 19th largest in terms of population. It is located on the east coast of the country and borders 5 states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia and Virginia. It also has borders with D.C. The state capital of Maryland is Annapolis although the largest city is Baltimore. Other major cities in Maryland are Frederick and Hagerstown.

Although the state is so small, the change in climate between areas is immense. There are hot summers and mild winters in some areas, while other areas experience heavy snowfall. Rainfall over the state also varies, with some areas seeing an average of 9 inches per year while others see 100 inches per year. The mountain areas usually see the most rain and snow fall while the coastal areas have a more moderate amount. Hurricanes and cyclones are not uncommon in the state.

Maryland – Employment

Maryland is one of the wealthiest of the US, with one of the highest average household incomes in the country, although the state does have an unemployment rate of more than 7%. Transportation is a major part of the economy, with employers such as the Port of Baltimore and the railways employing thousands of people. The federal government also employs large numbers of people who work in support services for government departments. There are opportunities in this field but foreign nationals will be subject to stringent checks before they are able to take up a position with the government.

The medical profession is very short staffed in the area and there are major healthcare providers and research centres in the state. For a foreign born medical professional to obtain a job in Maryland a licence to practise must be applied for, although it may be necessary to undergo local assessments to prove competence. Food production also offers employment opportunities, although these are for both skilled and unskilled workers and competition for vacancies is fierce.

Maryland – Property

Living in Maryland offers newcomers a wide range of options with each city and district having their own advantages and disadvantages. The City Dock area of Annapolis, for example, is a popular tourist attraction and has a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Property in the area is mainly apartments and is priced quite high when compared with some other neighbourhoods, although many new developments are marketed at young professionals. Annapolis’ Downtown district is similar in that there are many apartment buildings and businesses, although there are some areas which consist of family homes. The area has good schools and amenities and some areas are very reasonably priced.

The Eastport district of the city is a very diverse area, with people of all professions and personal situations living there. The area has many seafood restaurants and waterfront properties which make it popular with younger people, although there are also many family homes in the area. Properties away from the waterfront are very reasonably priced. The West Street district is for those who like a lively nightlife, as there are many clubs and bars in the area. The area is home to many students so there are many apartments available for rent at a reasonable price.

The city of Baltimore is very popular with expats and the Downtown district is home to many tourist attractions so is a busy area both day and night. There are some residential areas that are mainly townhouses or detached family homes, but there are also apartment buildings with properties available to rent as well as buy. Development in the area is ongoing so prices are expected to rise in the future as more businesses and professional people move to the area. The Fells Point district is an historic district of the city and has a very large residential area which is close to clubs, bars and shops, as well as cultural attractions like museums. The area is popular but family homes are very reasonably priced.

The Southwest district of Baltimore is undergoing development but is very attractive for those who like a bohemian lifestyle. Many artists and musicians live in the area and there are many ethnic shops and restaurants. Property is very reasonably priced, but this is expected to rise as the development continues.

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