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United States of America (USA) - Montana

Montana is the 41st state of the United States of America, it is ranked 4th largest state in terms of area, and 44th largest state in terms of population, making it one of the least densely populated states in the whole country. Located in the northern part of the western united states, it borders 4 other states: Idaho, Wyoming and both North and South Dakota. Canada is located on Montana’s northern border. The state capital of Montana is Helena although the largest city is Billings. Other major cities in the state include Missoula and Great Falls.

Due to the vastness of the state different areas experience extremes in weather conditions. Western Montana is mountainous whereas the eastern part of the state is mainly plains. The eastern plains have been known to see very high temperatures although it has also been known for snow to fall across the state during every month of the year, including July and August, although this is extremely rare.

Montana – Employment

The economy of the state relies heavily on agriculture. The main products of the state are wheat, oats, potatoes and meat. Work in the industry is mainly seasonal although there are opportunities for those who have experience in farming and want to run their own business. For those who have not worked in the industry before, it is a risky prospect. Tourism is a strong part of the economy also, with millions of visitors to the state each year. Work in tourism is also seasonal, but there are many vacancies each year.

The state has an unemployment rate of nearly 7%, which is quite low when compared to some states, but it does mean that there is a great deal of competition when it comes to job applications. There are some large corporations in the state and there are opportunities at all levels in some manufacturing and business environments. Specialist skills are always an advantage when it comes to an expat looking for work as it sets them apart from other applicants.

Montana – Property

Montana is a popular state with expats and cities such as Billings have several districts that are ideal for those looking to set up home. The Downtown area of Billings has a strong commercial area and several residential neighbourhoods. Parts of the district are ideal for those who are raising a family as they are mainly townhouses and family homes, while other parts are better suited to young professionals who want to be close to their place of work. Property prices vary according to the specific neighbourhood, but there are properties to suit all budgets. The Heights district of the city is rapidly expanding, so there are many residential areas to choose from. Again, the prices in this area vary according to the neighbourhood, but the majority are reasonably priced family homes.

The Northwest district of Billings is a much more affluent area and filled with large detached family homes. Prices in the area are high although the amenities in the area are excellent, with good schools and a wide range of shops and leisure facilities. The district of Shiloh is another rapidly expanding district. Development is ongoing in the area and there are many new residential sections of family homes and apartment buildings. Properties are reasonably priced and there are good shopping areas to be found here. The Southeast district is a very industrial area, so residential properties are quite low in price. There are plans for further retail and commercial developments designed to draw in more businesses and visitors.

The area of Broadwater County dates back to the late 19th century. It is a relatively small and tranquil area of the state. The area has a small community of expats who have chosen to work or retire there. There is quite a large proportion of retirees in the county and the area has many leisure facilities for those with time on their hands. There are different residential areas, which are mainly single storey family homes and prices are quite low in some neighbourhoods. The county has good schools and some work opportunities, though many people choose to live in the county and commute to different areas for work.

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