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United States of America (USA) - Nebraska

Nebraska is the 37th state of the United States of America; it is ranked 16th largest state in terms of area and 38th largest in terms of population. It is located in the Midwest United States in the areas known as Great Plains and is bordered by 6 other states Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas. The state capital is Lincoln although the largest city is Omaha. Other major cities in Nebraska include Belle Vue and Grand Island.

The temperatures in Nebraska are fairly even throughout the state, although the west sees slightly less rainfall than the east. The state is also in the region known as Tornado Alley and violent thunderstorms occur in spring and summer seasons. Snowfall is common within the state and falls evenly throughout at approximately 25 to 30 inches per year.

Nebraska – Employment

Nebraska has an important agricultural sector, as well as telecommunications, IT, manufacturing and insurance. For those who have experience and specialist skills in the telecommunications and IT sectors, there are many opportunities but the competition for jobs is fierce. The same applies to the insurance industry, although familiarity with US insurance regulations and procedures is essential.

The state has one of the lowest unemployment rates at less than 5%, which means that the industry in the state is thriving despite the economic problems. The state has manufacturing plants for auto parts as well as food processing companies and there are opportunities for work at all levels, both for skilled and unskilled workers. Education is another sector that is in need of qualified staff as is healthcare. Expats who are teachers, doctors or nurses may need to undergo local assessment to prove competence before they are able to begin work.

Nebraska – Property

The largest city in Nebraska is Omaha and there is a small number of expats in the area. The Central Omaha district is filled with period properties and residential neighbourhoods. It is a much sought after area and the variety of cultures that can be found there guarantees the diversity of the district. Restaurants serving many different cuisines can be found there as well as a variety of shops. The property prices in the area are very reasonable and the properties on offer are mainly single family homes. The Downtown area is the oldest part of the city and is home to many warehouse conversions, so apartments are the main type of accommodation on offer. Property prices are above average and as the redevelopment of the area continues these are expected to rise.

The North Omaha district is a much quieter area, though home to a college and several cultural attractions. The demand for property in the area is keeping the prices higher than average, but the variety of property and amenities on offer means that the area is ideal for those with families. The South Omaha district has a large expat community, mainly from eastern and southern Europe. Property prices are fairly low and the area has a wide range of ethnic restaurants and shops. The Northwest area of the city is ideal for shoppers, as there are many shopping malls. The properties in the area can be found mainly on new residential developments. Housing is very affordable in this area and there are leisure facilities to suit every member of the family.

The city of Lincoln has a number of areas that may be of interest to expats. The district of Arnold Heights was originally a housing development for workers on an Air Force base. Many of these properties are still managed by a housing authority but some have been sold off. These are very affordable homes, though not large houses. There has also been the addition of shops and further housing to expand the area and draw in more professionals. The area of College View is close to the college campus and therefore home to a large student population. Property in the area is inexpensive but mainly rented, although there are some areas of family homes rather than apartments.

The Haymarket district of Lincoln is an old neighbourhood which used to be mainly industrial, although many warehouses have been converted to apartments. As the development continues, prices are rising and the area is home to many young professionals who work nearby.

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