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United States of America (USA) - Nevada

Nevada is the 36th state in the United States of America and is ranked as the 7th largest state in terms of area. It is also ranked 35th largest in terms of population. Located in the western region of the country, Nevada is bordered by 5 other states: California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Oregon. The state capital of Nevada is Carson City although its largest city is Las Vegas. Other major cities in Nevada include Henderson, Carson City and Reno.

Nevada State is made up of mainly desert and arid areas. There is very little rainfall in the state, on average around 7 inches per year, although there are wetter areas higher up in the mountains which can get up to 40 inches per year. Winters are short lived in Nevada and summer temperatures can soar to over 50 degrees.

There are many famous faces that hail from Nevada including tennis players Jack Kramer and Andre Agassi.

Nevada – Employment

Nevada has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country, at around 14%. This makes it much harder to find work in the area but there are some opportunities for those with specialist skills. The gambling industry, centred mainly on Las Vegas, is one of the highest sources of income for the Nevada economy. Jobs in the industry are limited mainly to casino floor staff and office staff, so there will be a lot of competition for vacancies.

Agriculture is another major part of the economy in the state, with farms in the region producing mainly potatoes, dairy products and meat. Opportunities here are seasonal and limited. Tourism is also strong in the state and is linked to the gambling industry. There are several publishers located in the area, as well as food processing companies and electrical appliance companies. If you specialise in one of these areas there may be opportunities at a senior level, although competition for unskilled jobs is fierce.

Nevada – Property

There is a great deal of regeneration in many of the towns and cities in Nevada and Reno is no exception. The Downtown area is becoming much sought after by residents due to the conversion of many old buildings into condominiums. Many of these old buildings are former casinos, and the same developers are building new properties too. These properties are reasonably priced but prices are expected to rise as the development continues.

Regeneration is also taking place in Las Vegas. While most people associate the city with gambling, there are many residential areas and the Las Vegas Strip, which is the main area for casinos, is actually located officially outside of the city limits. The Downtown area of Las Vegas is considered by many to be an undesirable neighbourhood, as there are also casinos in this area but these are not as appealing as those on the Strip. While regeneration is taking place, people are choosing to live elsewhere.

If you choose to live in either the northeast or the northwest of the city, you will find the area very affordable as property here is far below the regional average. These are not fashionable areas by any stretch of the imagination and houses in the area are mainly single family homes, although there are some apartment buildings too. Houses are not large and do not have very large gardens, and some neighbourhoods are quite poor.

The district of Henderson is in the southwest of the city and is considered by some to be a city in its own right. It is a large area and it is growing quickly, as new developments are added all the time to the outskirts. This is a much more fashionable area to live in and the residents here are much more affluent. Property prices are fairly high when compared to other areas of the city, although there are plenty of amenities, including leisure facilities, good schools and shops. Properties are mainly single family homes set on good sized plots. The new development of Summerlin to the east of the city is also considered to be a good place to buy. This area is going to be a large development along the lines of Henderson and property prices are set to rise.

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