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United States of America (USA) - New Jersey

New Jersey is the 3rd state of the United States of America and is ranked the 47th largest state in terms of area. It is also ranked 11th largest in terms of population making it one of the most densely populated states in the country. Located in the north eastern region of the country, New Jersey borders 3 states, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania. The state capital of New Jersey is Trenton although the largest city is Newark. Other major cities in the state are Jersey City and Paterson.

Most of the state of New Jersey has a subtropical climate although the most northern part of the state is cooler due to the fact it is more mountainous. New Jersey is at risk for both flooding and drought, although hurricane and tornados are rare. Summer months tend to be extremely hot and humid.

New Jersey – Employment

The main industries in the state of New Jersey are pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, tourism and telecommunications. Those who have qualifications in areas such as chemical research and pharmaceuticals are often needed, but the competition for such jobs is fierce. Experience is essential and if you have specialist skills then you stand a far greater chance of success. Companies which have a base in the area include Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer and AT&T Communications. As many of these are international organisations there may be opportunities to transfer if you already work for one of them in another country.

Tourism is another major part of the state’s economy, although work is generally limited to the summer months. For those who have no specialist skills or experience at management levels, work may be limited to retail outlets or factory floor work, although there may be opportunities in shipping and other areas.

New Jersey – Property

The cities in New Jersey offer new residents a wide range of options when it comes to neighbourhoods and property prices. The city of Newark is the largest city in the state and is already home to large numbers of expats, particularly those from the Caribbean and southern Europe. There are five main sections of the city and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. The Central Ward of the city is a poor area, so properties here are far below the average house price, but the area also lacks amenities, so may not be the best place if you are raising a family.

The North Ward contains neighbourhoods such as Forest Hill which are affluent areas, so property prices are much higher than average. The university is located in this section of the city so there is a large student population and there are some areas which are mainly apartments rather than family homes. There are good schools here and a variety of shops and leisure facilities. The West Ward has several neighbourhoods which are largely occupied by African-Americans, the area of Roseville which is mainly Italian American. The area of Vailsburg is part of this district and is a more affluent neighbourhood, with schools and other amenities.

The South Ward is mainly a poor area with high crime rates, so is best avoided for newcomers, although neighbourhoods such as Weequahic are beginning to improve as more people are buying homes there rather than renting. The East Ward is mainly a commercial area and is home to many successful businesses. Those who work in the area often choose to live there as well and there are many apartment buildings with homes to buy and rent. This section is also an historical part of the town, which means that property prices are higher than average, but the local amenities are excellent.

Jersey City is another area that will appeal to newcomers and The Heights district is one of the most sought after. It is located on the top of the New Jersey Palisades and has views of New York City. Homes here are period buildings with many original features although the prices are high to match. The area is served by good schools as well has having plenty of leisure facilities ranging from sports to entertainment. The district of Journal Square used to be a commercial area but is undergoing regeneration and is now becoming more residential. Prices are fairly reasonable but are expected to rise as the developments continue.

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