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United States of America (USA) - Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the 2nd state of the United States of America. It is located in the North east region of the country and shares borders with six other states: Ohio, Delaware, West Virginia, Maryland, New York and New Jersey. Canada is to the north of the state. The state capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg although the largest city is Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is the 6th largest US state in terms of populations and 33rd in terms of total area.

Pennsylvania has only 108 miles of coast line along its borders, 51 miles of shoreline on the edge of Lake Erie and 57 miles along the Delaware Estuary. Pennsylvania has a broad history, and played a pivotal role in the American Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg took place in Pennsylvania which would prove to be a turning point towards the end of the war.

Pennsylvania – Employment

The state of Pennsylvania has one of the strongest economies in the country even though the state has an unemployment rate of nearly 9%. This is on a par with other states. The cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are large commercial and industrial areas and the state has many finance and insurance companies, as well as food and steel manufacturers. The banking sector employs a large number of people and if you are qualified and experienced than you have a good chance of finding employment here. There are a number of international banks in the state so if you already work for one of these then it may be possible to obtain a transfer to Pennsylvania.

For unskilled workers the main opportunities will be in manufacturing, retail and agriculture. Some of these positions may be seasonal and there is a lot of competition for this type of work. There are also opportunities in construction, as there are many new residential and commercial developments taking place.

Pennsylvania – Housing

The two main cities in Pennsylvania are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. These attract many expats each year and finding a home in either city should be an easy task as there are many different options available to you.

The City Centre district is ideal for those who are coming to the area to work, but perhaps not ideal for those with families. There are very few single family homes, although the area has many apartments both for sale and rent. The area has a large number of attractions and restaurants which mean that it is a busy area and prices reflect this. The Independence National Historic Park district is a very small area of the city and is filled with historic buildings, so homes in the area are few and those that are available are expensive.

Rittenhouse Square is one of the original sections of the city and the townhouses that were built there are now mainly hotels and apartments. The area is a much sought after one, so property prices are high but the area has all the amenities for daily life. Those who are interested in a more bohemian lifestyle will like the South Street district, which attracts artists and those interested in new age themes. Property in the area is much cheaper than other districts but is mainly apartments, many of which are rented.

Those who decide on Pittsburgh as a destination will find that the Cultural district is home to a number of theatres and other entertainment venues. There are also parks, a variety of shops and historic buildings. Property in the area is a combination of apartments and town houses and prices reflect the popularity of the area. The South Side district of Pittsburgh is filled with Victorian style buildings and there are many family homes in the area. It is a popular area but has a tranquil feel to it, with several art galleries and boutique-style shops. Property prices are on a par with the regional average.

The district of Oakland is a popular area with many different cultures and attractions. There is already a small community of expats in the area and high numbers of students. Rented apartments are numerous, although there are some family homes to rent and buy. Prices are fairly reasonable and the area is popular with those who work at the university.

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