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United States of America (USA) - South Carolina

South Carolina is the 8th state of the United States of America and is ranked the 40th largest state in terms of area. South Carolina is also ranked 24th largest state in terms of population. Located in the south eastern region of the country, South Carolina is bordered by just two states, Georgia and North Carolina. The state capital of South Carolina is Columbia which is actually also the states largest city. Other major cities within South Carolina are Charleston, North Charleston and Rock Hill.

South Carolina benefits from a subtropical climate, although the more mountainous areas tend to be slightly cooler. The coastal areas of South Carolina tend to be hot and Humid during the summer and mild during winter. Tropical cyclones and thunderstorms occur regularly in South Carolina, tornadoes are rarer and there have also been several large hurricanes to hit the state.

South Carolina – Employment

The main industries in the state of South Carolina are chemical products, textiles, machinery, tourism, paper products, automotive products and automobiles. Experience and qualifications in these fields may help to gain employment within the industry, but the competition is high due to the extremely high unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in South Carolina is actually one of the highest in the country, mainly due to recent economic problems.

Agricultural products and farming in the state consist of tobacco, cattle and dairy products, poultry, soybean and rice farming. Farming and agricultural work is often seasonal as is work in the tourist industry, and may not be steady enough to keep a family. Having little or no experience in the state’s main areas of industry may mean finding work within South Carolina at the moment is difficult, but there are always opportunities for skilled workers.

South Carolina – Property

The city of Charleston attracts large numbers of tourists each year and is filled with visitor attractions. The city strongly reflects the colonial past of the state and there are many districts that are filled with period houses and tranquil streets. The Downtown district has a number of old buildings but these blend in well with the new buildings that have been added as the district becomes more popular with both residents and businesses. This area has many apartments as well as family homes and prices are on a par with the regional average. The schools in the area have a good reputation and there are leisure facilities for all the family.

The Historic district is the oldest area of the town and many of the buildings are original. Residential property in the district is much sought after and prices reflect this. The area is much quieter than the Downtown district and the transport links into the city are very good. The Mount Pleasant district is famed for the variety of trendy eateries available and there are several residential neighbourhoods that are much in demand from newcomers. The property prices do reflect this but the area has leisure facilities and very tranquil neighbourhoods that make it worth the price.

The city of Columbia has a number of districts that are ideal for families. The area of Earlewood has over 1000 homes and these are much in demand. Properties do not stay long on the market and these are in a range of architectural styles. It is close to the business district and is also home to a number of expats. It is also close to the university, so there are students living in the area and property prices are on a par with the regional average. The area has all the shops and facilities needed and travelling into the city is easy from here.

Elmwood Park is one of the historic districts of Columbia but is becoming increasingly popular as a residential area. As with Earlewood, there is a range of architectural styles that can be seen here and there is everything that a family needs for daily life. The schools in the area are excellent and the district is very peaceful, even though it attracts many visitors each year. The transport links to other areas are good and many people who work in the city choose to live here, particularly if they are raising a family.

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