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United States of America (USA) - Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the 30th state of the United States of America and is ranked the 23rd largest state in terms of area. It is also ranked 20th largest in terms of population. Located in the Midwest region of the country, Wisconsin is bordered by 4 states: Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois. The state capital of Wisconsin is Madison although the largest city is Milwaukee. Other major cities in the state include Green Bay and Kenosha.

Temperatures in Wisconsin are varied, although winters tend to be cold and harsh often with much snowfall. Summer months see temperatures rise to an average of 25 degrees, although the highest summer temperature ever recorded was 46 degrees. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -48 degrees.

There are many famous people that have originated from Wisconsin including actors Gene Wilder and Don Ameche. Liberace also hailed from Wisconsin as world famous architect did Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wisconsin – Employment

Wisconsin has an unemployment rate of just under 8%, which means that the state is on a par with many others. The main industries in the area are manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare. As with all US states there is a continuing need for healthcare professionals but if your qualifications have been awarded in another country you may need to undergo local assessment before you can look for a job in Wisconsin. There are several employers in the state who employ thousands of people and these include Wal-Mart, the Universities, the Postal Service and local government.

Jobs in agriculture are mainly seasonal, although dairy farms are year round enterprises and in some areas staff turnover is quite high. There are opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers in manufacturing, although if you have previous experience and specialist skills you have a better chance of success. There is a great deal of competition for these jobs.

Wisconsin – Property

Many people moving to Wisconsin head to Milwaukee as this is the largest city in the state. The area was originally settled by European immigrants and their influence can be seen in much of the city today. The East Town district is known for its sporting venues and the nearby university, though it is becoming a very popular residential area, with a number of apartment buildings. The prices here are very reasonable and the area also has good schools as well as transport links to the centre of the city. The Juneautown district has a number of breweries which are tourist attractions and this area is known for its excellent bars and restaurants. The properties in the area are sought after, mainly by young professionals, due to the lively nightlife. Prices in the area are reasonable but are expected to rise.

The Kilbourntown district has many older style properties and these are very popular. They are mainly townhouses and apartments although there are some single family homes which can be found too. Prices here are on a par with or below the regional average but properties sell fairly quickly. The area has good schools and shops, as well as a variety of restaurants. The Third Ward district is a former commercial area, but many of the old buildings have been redeveloped into apartments and now there are new businesses moving into the area. This area attracts tourists so can get quite busy both day and night, although there are some quiet streets to be found.

Marathon County can be found further north in the state and has a number of advantages for new residents. The schools system is very strong there and the county has a very low rate of unemployment when compared with the rest of the state. New businesses receive help when they are setting up and there is an abundance of leisure facilities. It is the largest county in the state and homes there are mainly single family homes, most of which have good sized gardens and are situated in tranquil areas. Property prices will vary depending upon the neighbourhood but prices are very reasonable across the county, with one or two areas a little higher than average due to demand for property there. All areas have good shops and everything a family needs for daily life, and most neighbourhoods have community associations that can help newcomers to integrate and make new friends.

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