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United States of America (USA) - Wyoming

Wyoming is the 44th state of the United States of America and is ranked as the 10th largest state in terms of area. It is also ranked as 50th largest state in terms of population. Located in the western region of the country, Wyoming is bordered by 6 other states: Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana and South Dakota. The state capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne, which is also the largest city in the state. Other major cities in Wyoming include Casper and Gillette.

Wyoming has greater temperature extremes than many of the other US states. Summers are warm with average temperatures up to 35 degrees. Winters can be bitterly cold, although average rainfall across the state is only 10 inches per year. Mountain areas have been known to have up to 200 inches of snow per year. The south eastern part of the state is the most prone to tornadoes although they are usually less harmful than in other states across the country.

Wyoming – Employment

The main areas of industry in Wyoming are mining, tourism and farming. There are many mines within the state of Wyoming including coal, crude oil, natural gas, uranium and coalbed methane. Experienced miners within these fields or other people with experience and qualifications in specialist industries associated with mining are more likely to find employment within Wyoming. The unemployment rate in the state slightly below average and so competition for jobs is not as fierce as in some other areas of the country.

Tourism is also a major industry although work in this sector does tend to be seasonal. Farming in Wyoming is big business. Cattle farming and crops such as grain, sugar beets and hay are grown and harvested here. Wool production is also a major industry within the state. Over 91% of the land in Wyoming is classified as rural, making it one of the largest farming states in the whole country, but opportunities here are also seasonal and are mainly for those who are experienced.

Wyoming – Property

Wyoming has a number of counties which appeal to newcomers to the area. The county of Albany has the city of Laramie as its main urban area and is home to a population of around 35,000 people as well as the University of Wyoming. It is one of the oldest counties in the state. Many of the towns in the country are sparsely populated and homes tend to be single family homes with large gardens. Many of the areas have good schools and prices across the country are on a par with the regional average. Many people in the outlying areas work in the city of Laramie, which has several business districts and areas where the main type of property is apartments.

Fremont County is run from the city of Lander, although the largest city is Riverton. It is a similar size to Albany County in terms of population. It is the second largest county in the state and there are many open spaces in the county due to the national park areas. The towns in the county are quite small and ideal for those who are looking to retire or just find somewhere quiet to live. Homes outside of the cities are mainly single family homes while areas of Riverton and Lander have town houses and apartments. Prices are quite low when compared to the regional average and the area has excellent facilities, although some of the towns are small, so travel may be required for entertainment venues and leisure facilities.

Laramie County is not home to the city of Laramie, but instead contains the state capital and the largest city, Cheyenne. It has the largest population of any of the counties of Wyoming and a small proportion of Cheyenne residents are expats. The city of Cheyenne has a number of residential districts, which are mainly townhouses and family homes, although in the commercial areas of town, the properties are mainly apartments. Property prices are higher than average, particularly in the cities. Smaller towns offer better value for money but the amenities are fewer. Cheyenne has a good schools system and work opportunities for expats as well as a range of shops and historical attractions.

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