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Los Angeles - Registration, Permits & Other Documentation

As an expat to Los Angeles and the United States of America, you will need to obtain a visa before moving. Visas can be obtained for many different reasons and circumstances. A B-1 Business Visa can be obtained by foreign individuals, working for a foreign company, that are traveling to the United States for business purposes. However, the business purpose that they are traveling for does not have to involve receiving salary or payment. This type of visa can be issued for a period of six months. An extension on the visa can be applied for.

The E-3 Work Visa for Australians can be issued to you if you are an Australian citizen only. This type of visa is good for up to two years. If you are an Australian citizen applying for this type of visa, your spouse and children are not required to be Australian citizens. This visa is only granted to those working in "Specialty Occupations", or an occupation that requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise. Generally, applicants for this visa are required to have a Bachelor's degree or higher in their field of specialty.

The United States F-1 visa is for students traveling to the United States for educational purposes. Students applying for this visa must be full-time students at a high school, university, or language school. The visa is good for as long as you are enrolled in school full-time. This type of visa can generally be obtained at a United States Embassy or Consulate before leaving your home country.

An H-1B Work Visa is for workers in "Specialty Occupations" traveling to the United States for work purposes. Examples of "Specialty Occupations" are doctors, lawyers, scientists, and engineers. This type of visa is good for up to three years, but can be extended to cover a six year period. If your company is willing to sponsor you, you may apply for a Green Card .

An H-2B Work Visa can be issued if you are traveling to the United States for a temporary, or seasonal, non-agricultural job. There is no education requirement and both skilled and un-skilled workers may apply.

The K-1 Fiancee and Fiance Visa can be obtained by expats engaged to marry a United States citizen. A petition must be filed by the United States citizen on behalf of the fiancee or fiance. The visa is generally issued at the United States Embassy or Consulate in the fiancee or fiance's home country.

The TN NAFTA Work Visa is issued to citizens of Mexico or Canada re-locating to work for a United States employer.

For more information on United States Visas, visit

To obtain permanent residence in Los Angeles and the United States, you will need to obtain a Green Card. A Green Card indicates that you are a permanent, legal resident of the United States.

A Green Card can be obtained for work purposes, marriage to a United States citizen, for family members of those living in the United States, or through the Green Card Lottery. 50,000 Green Cards, per year, are issued to applicants, and their families, through a random computerized process.

You may also apply for United States Citizenship. You will be required to apply and complete a United States Citizenship Test in order to become a naturalized citizen of the United States.

For more information on obtaining a Green Card or becoming a Naturalized Citizen, visit

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