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New York - Accommodation and Property

New York City is made up of five boroughs - the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Considered individually, each of the five boroughs is large enough to be considered a major city with more than 1 million population.

The exception is Staten Island with a population of about a half million. This is described as one of the most 'suburban' areas of New York City proper and of the surrounding region. There are more single-family homes on Staten Island than in other parts of the city.

Manhattan is typically considered 'downtown.' There are more high-rise buildings here than any other area of the city and rent is typically more expensive because of the demand by those who don't want to travel far from job to home. There are several very distinct neighborhoods in Manhattan, including Soho, Hell's Kitchen, Chinatown and Little Italy. The majority of the population is white, followed by black and Hispanic.

Many of the Brooklyn neighborhoods can trace their origins directly back to the Dutch settlements of two or more centuries ago. A few decades ago, many of the residents were fleeing the more urban areas of other boroughs. Today, there are many immigrants and a large artistic community in this densely populated area of the city.

Queens is arguably the borough of NYC with the larges population of immigrants. Italians, Irish and Greeks all have neighborhoods where they typically gather, some touting the largest population congregation outside their own country.

The Bronx is the only of the five boroughs to be located on the mainland of New York. The majority of those who call the Bronx home are non-white, largely black or Hispanic. There are also neighborhoods of Italian, German and Irish in this section of the city.

More than half the people in New York live in an apartment building with more than 10 units. Single-family homes are not readily available, largely because of the demand for property. One of the benefits of this density is that builders and property owners in the city are required to meet stringent efficiency regulations.

There are literally hundreds of companies offering services to help with your relocation. If you are moving to New York City from a foreign country, you may have the additional challenges of bridging the language barrier, learning to exchange currency and more. Look for companies that offer services to meet your needs. Some companies even offer follow-up services after the move is completed.

You can check out real estate listings or search for real estate agents at

One point to consider about relocation in New York City is location. The size of the city requires that you consider the location of your job when choosing an apartment. You may very well pay more for an apartment near your office, but the cost of transportation (both in terms of money and time) should be considered before you choose to live on Staten Island and work in Manhattan. It may be worth the trip, but start with a map of the city and check public transportation schedules and routes before you decide.

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