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New York - Overview

There are lots of nicknames for the City of New York. The Big Apple. The Ultimate Melting Pot. The City that Never Sleeps. New York City or simply New York. It's the United States city with the highest population and recognized as one of the largest cities in the world. The city is located at the southern tip of New York State in Bronx County. The total population is more than 8 million people and the city is at the heart of a major metropolitan area.

From the early 1500s, New York has been a landing site for European travelers. At various times in history, the area has belonged to Indians, Dutch and English, and suffered heavy damage during the American quest for independence from England. For a brief period of time, New York City served as America's capital.

Central Park was established around 1850, one in a long list of traditional New York Sights frequented by visitors and residents. Perhaps the most important landmark in the city is the Statue of Liberty, serving as a reminder that the city has been the first stop for millions of expatriates seeking the opportunities found in America.

The city's climate is typical for other areas of the American northeast. Because of the location on the ocean, the temperature is often slightly less extreme than those cities located slightly inland. Snow is common during the winter months, including a few serious storms that have all but paralyzed the city. Let it be said that New Yorkers learn their lessons, because storms have led to such steps as underground utilities.

New York City is governed by a mayor form of government. There are several deputy mayors to oversee various points of the city's operation. A city council is made up of elected officials to represent the people.

New York City is a city of differences. Though part of the United States, there are few New Yorkers who live the life of an average American. For example, a book by Kevin O'Keefe outlines the typical American - a person who owns a car and home, among other things. The majority of people in New York own neither. It's also been decided that more than half the people in the state weren't born there, live in an apartment building and are single.

The cultural diversity that makes up NYC is second to none. The city boasts dozens of neighborhoods, many with a dominant societal makeup representing a foreign country, a specific religion or particular idea.

You'll find more information about New Yorkers, including the article on the 'average New Yorker' at You'll also find a more complete historical look at New York City at

If you want to know that make NYC such an incredible city, you'd have to consider a number of factors. The number of immigrants certainly contributes, but the fact that many Fortune 500 companies have selected the area as headquarters is also important. Add to that the role of Wall Street and thousands of national and international organizations seeking to take advantage of the city's population and you've got NYC.

Added March 2007 by Paul:
While Bronx County is one of the Boroughs (Counties) of NYC, it is not the only one. New York City is made up of 5 Boroughs, each one their own county: New York County (Manhattan), Kings County (Brooklyn), Queens County (all the various towns in that county), Richmond County (Staten Island), and Bronx County. And, not that it matters, but just a note to add: The Bronx is the only County attached to the mainland, the others are all islands (Manhattan, Long Island and Staten Island.)

BTW, only one other town in the US has its city, county, and state names as the same. It's Oklahoma City.

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