Networking Tips for New Expats in Singapore

by Alexandra Sheehan The expat community in Singapore is a huge, dynamic group of individuals. You will have no problem whatsoever finding a group of non-locals to relate to and hang out with. However, because of its unique cultural makeup, Singapore has a very different social scene than what you may be used to, one … Read more

Working In Spain – Still An Option?

by Rob Innis It is no secret that the Spanish economy, along with most of Europe, has taken a battering with the current financial downturn referred to here as the ‘crisis.’ Unemployment is running at record high levels – so does that mean job opportunities are zero? Here on the Costa Blanca the boom years … Read more

Surviving The Office Jungle Abroad

There are a plenty of helpful articles focusing on how an expatriate can find a dream job abroad, get a work visa, and settle into the adopted country. All of these represent big hurtles needing guidance in and of themselves, but what happens when you start actually working? What are the real challenges? And how … Read more

Canada – No Work Experience?

by Thelma O' Connor, President of Canada Wise This is a dilemma that many immigrants face when they arrive in Canada. New arrivals are eager and enthusiastic to join the Canadian work force and make a smooth transition to their new life. They suddenly find themselves faced with what seems like a no-win situation: no … Read more

Selling Up, Moving to Australia and Buying a New Business

Please note: The information in this article is over 12 months old. by Sarah Muxlow Selling up shop and moving to the other side of the world to start a new business venture isn’t as unimaginable as it once was. Australia attracts many new immigrant business buyers, investors and start-up entrepreneurs every year. The core … Read more

Job Sponsored Visas and Finding a Job in Australia

Please note: The information in this article is over 12 months old. by Sarah Muxlow Having chosen to do what is known as skilled migration, my husband and I enlisted an immigration agent to submit our visa application. In enlisting the help of an agent only to advise us and submit our application for a … Read more

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