Mariah Moyle, Nassau

Who are you? Mariah Moyle, originally from the Pacific Northwest, but am now an island girl in the beautiful Bahamas. I grew up with a mix of spending my winters in the mountains ski racing, ski instructing and ski bumming, and summers at our beach house on an island in the Puget Sound, hiking, kayaking, … Read more

Oliver Luke, Eleuthera

Who are you? I am the son of Australian and Dutch parents, born in and currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. Working as a ghostwriter, editor and book designer for healthcare and arts professionals over the past 12 years has given me the flexibility to travel, work and volunteer in a number of countries including England, … Read more


Hi, my name is Jeremy and I’m a Belgian guy. I lived for 5 years in North America, after that almost 2 years in Central America. Now I’m living in The Bahamas… Why? Hmm… Do I really have to answer this one? 😀 LOL Well, let’s say that at first I came here twice as … Read more

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