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Questions, Queries and Concerns

Discussion forum for expats moving to or living in Canada.

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Questions, Queries and Concerns

Post Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 7:08 pm

Hi there,

I'm in the very preliminary, investigative stages of possible emmigration to Canada (probably Ontario). Having gone through the points check, I believe that we just qualify owing to my wife having a Canadian Aunt and Uncle.

I have a large list of questions and would be grateful for advice on any of them.


1. I work in IT and have 8 years experience working with Unix/Tandem/NT servers. However, all I have is life experience (and an MCSE). Looking around on the job sites, it appears that I need to have a degree (Bsc?) to have any hope of getting a job. Is this correct?

2. Are there any other employment taxes other than the Income Tax?

3. Are taxes deducted automatically off your payslip or do you have to file tax returns annually?


3.How long do you need to be in a job to realistically qualify for a mortgage?

4. I don't understand how property taxes work. Do you pay them with every house/every year and is it a percentage of house value?

5. What other expenses might I have to face after mortgage/property tax and utility bills/Insurance?

Other bits and pieces

6. Can any british expats recommend an agency/lawyer that they used to help them emmigrate?

7. How does the healthcare system work. For example is it paid for by insurance or taxes. If I were to fall ill within say a month, how do I pay the hospital bills?

Thanks in advance


Re: Questions, Queries and Concerns

Post Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 8:37 pm

Apologies, but a further question:

My Wife and I completed secondary school education in the UK (12 years?) My Wife has since completed an NVQ level 2 and an NVQ Level 3 which is an "on-the-job" national qualification. Does this count as 12 years education + 1 yr diploma?

I completed 1 year (full time at college) of a GNVQ Level 3 in IT. I quit and went to work in the second year, but I completed the first years worth of Modules. Can I claim that as 13 years education + 1 yr diploma?

Does an MCSE (that I studied for whilst working) count towards anything as it is an industry recognised qualification?

Thanks again.


Re: Questions, Queries and Concerns

Post Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:09 pm

Hello Mark,

A warm welcome to Expat Focus, and I wish you the best in exploring your desire to relocate to Canada (Ontario).

Here are answers to some/most of your questions:


1. The IT industry in Canada is relatively 'saturated'. Meaning we have a large number of skilled and qualified workers, and the bar is set quite high accordingly.

With that said, you still do not necessarily need a degree to gain an entry-level position. A degree would be required to start in any directive or management position for certain (which is probably the same in most countries...)

2. Yes, there are other taxes and deductions other than Income Tax. An average salaried worker in Canada can expect to pay approx. 25-30% in annual Income-related tax and deductions. (Note: Canada is one of the highest-taxed countries out there...)

3. In most cases, taxes are automatically taken from your payslip, and you file an annual tax return form to reconcile.


1. The banks in Canada will use different criteria other than how long you have been in a job, to first qualify you for a mortgage. Employment details will factor in, but they will also look to validate some of your financial details and credentials from the UK.

Most customers in good employment standing, with good track record from their previous country will be qualified for mortgaging in Canada.

2. You are not alone in misunderstanding property taxes. Laughing

We pay them with every house, every year...usually in quarterly installments. There is a formula to calculate the tax amount, which is handled at the Municipal level in each circumstance, and percentage of house value does come into play for that 'magic' formula.

3. The expenses you have listed are the major items.(mortgage/tax/utilities/insurance)

Other than those, you may have certain minor municipal costs depending on where you settle, but otherwise you have hit the main ones.

Other bits and pieces:

1. I am not a british expat, but I can recommend a leading Canadian Immigration lawyer - you can PM me for direct contact details, and he offers a FREE Online Assessment for Skilled Worker Visa too.

2. The majority of our healthcare is covered by taxes. However, there are some more elaborate and/or extensive items that would have to be covered by supplemental insurance, and you can usually acquire this type of extra insurance from your employer.

If you were to fall ill within a month, then it would depend exactly what was wrong with you whether ALL would be covered, although most would be.

Questions from the next message:

1. Your questions regarding education qualification would best be answered directly by a qualified Immigration lawyer.

As indicated above, you can contact me by PM for contact details to start the free and non-obligating assessment.

Phew! Hope the above information is helpful.

Any further questions, just let me know.




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