Complementary Therapies In Luxembourg And How To Access Them

Healthcare in Duchy of Luxembourg is of a high standard, and to some degree it includes both conventional and alternative treatment, whether or not you are signed up to the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS).   more ...

Dental And Opthalmic Care In Luxembourg: How To Find The Right Options For You

If you are an expat in Luxembourg, you should have no trouble in finding suitable dental and ophthalmic care to meet your needs. If you are registered   more ...

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Luxembourg?

The cost of health procedures in Luxembourg to you as an expat depend on whether you are covered by the country’s national health insurance scheme,   more ...

How To Keep Fit And Healthy In Luxembourg

The Duchy of Luxembourg is a modern European nation with a wealth of fitness centres, spas and activities to enable you to keep fit and healthy during   more ...

How To Keep Your Insurance Costs Low In Luxembourg

The national healthcare scheme in Luxembourg, the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS), is free at the point of delivery if you are paying into the system   more ...

How To Register With The Health System In Luxembourg

Healthcare in Luxembourg is of a high standard and is covered by a two-tier system of medical insurance, comprised of public health coverage, the Cais   more ...

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Laura Ratcliffe, Clausen

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

This year, I am expanding my singers club and singing lessons to Luxembourg.

What challenges did you face during the move?

Getting used to the culture and respecting how things work here.   more ...

Marina Kirchens-Sargsian

Who are you?

Hello everyone! My name is Marina-Kirchens Sargsian, I am a lawyer, CEO & Founder of MSK Group Law Firm in Luxembourg.   more ...

Diana Lockhart

Who are you?

Diana Lockhart , more-than-middle-aged woman who loves her husband and will follow him anywhere!

[b]Where, when and why   more ...

Corie Bratter

Who are you?

My name is Corie and I am the founder of Barefoot in Luxembourg, the blog that gets people together through events, restaurant   more ...

Sébastien De Landtsheer, Luxembourg

Who are you?

I was born in Brussels in 1980. My interests converged to science during my teenage. Between astronomy, engineering, chemistry   more ...